Cedarglen Homes Building Process

What to Expect When Building a House with Cedarglen Homes

As a well-known Calgary homebuilder, Cedarglen Homes strives to keep our homebuyers as educated as possible about our building process so that they feel comfortable about what they can expect in the year ahead. While each family’s experience may vary slightly, there is a general process in which they can expect to follow. Please note that the below process is a brief overview and timelines may vary from house to house.

      • Once the homebuyers have determined what community they want to live in, they will need to select the lot that they want to build their house on. They will then be required to place a $1,000 deposit in order to place that lot on hold while they plan the details of their home.
      • The homebuyers will then sit down with the Area Sales Manager who will review their Purchase Agreement, select their exterior elevation, and note any structural changes to be made to the floorplan that was selected. At this time, the Area Sales Manager will also help select the exterior colours of the home and submit them to the Developer for pre-approval along with the elevation.
      • The homebuyers will need to provide a certified cheque or bank draft, along with a copy of their confirmed mortgage to the Area Sales Manager.

At this time, a Cedarglen Homes Customer Relations Representative (CRR) will be assigned to the file. This individual will work with the homebuyers throughout the administrative period of the build and assist in coordinating all the required appointments.

      • The homebuyer will now have the opportunity to meet with the appliance supplier and select all the appliances for their new Cedarglen home.
      • This is an optional meeting in which the homebuyers are invited to come tour the Studio 81 Design Centre with one the Cedarglen Homes Design Consultants. This is typically a 1-hour meeting that is a great opportunity to see all of the impressive selections that we have to offer, as well as get a better understanding of what they will be choosing during the preliminary selection meeting.
      • In this meeting, the homebuyers will sit down with their assigned Design Consultant and together they will create the layout for the cabinetry in the home and walk through the interior selections. By the end of this appointment, they should have a general idea of what their home will look like upon completion. If they would like to view any additional suppliers to see their products in person, appointments can be scheduled at this time. This meeting is typically 4-hours in length.
      • All of the structural changes that was made with the Area Sales Manager previously will have now been added to the house plans. Together with the Area Sales Manager, the homebuyer will sit down and review the house plans in depth to ensure that everything is documented correctly.
      • At this time, we invite the homebuyers back to Studio 81 to meet with their designated Design Consultant and Customer Relations Representative. In this 4-hour appointment, they will review and finalize all of the interior finishing’s that were carefully chosen in their Preliminary Selection Meeting.
      • Prior to starting the construction of the new home, the homebuyers will meet one more time with their CRR for a final review of the updated plans. These plans will reflect all changes made since firm sale. In addition, they will also review onsite policies and procedures, what the next steps are throughout construction, and specify if any deposits need to be collected as per the Purchase Agreement.
      • This long-awaited step is an exciting day for homebuyers as Cedarglen Homes will officially begin to stake the property. If weather permits, Cedarglen will also begin the excavation process shortly after. At this point in time, the assigned Site Supervisor will reach out and introduce themselves as they will be working with the homebuyer throughout the remainder of the build.
      • After the framing of the house is complete, the Site Supervisor will reach out to set up a meeting at the new home. Together they will all walk through the home to discuss electrical locations and any possible change to be made.

*Note: The possession will be confirmed once insulation begins.

      • The homebuyers can now set up a meeting to visit Cedarglen’s lighting suppliers to select the light fixtures for their new home.
      • This meeting will take place onsite at the new home and will occur approximately 1-week before the possession date with the designated Site Supervisor. At this meeting, everyone will walk through the home and identify any deficiencies (if there are any). The Site Supervisor will also take time to provide the homebuyers with information on how to operate and maintain all the systems in the new home such as the furnace, HRV, thermostat etc.
      • Approximately 2 weeks prior to possession, the homebuyers will need to set up an appointment with their lawyer to finalize all necessary paperwork. It is important to note that all legal fees and disbursements are included when Cedarglen Homes’ preferred lawyer is used in the purchase of the new home.
      • This is the most exciting day in the homebuilding journey as the homebuyers officially become homeowners. The assigned Site Supervisor and CRR will meet the homeowners at their new home and together they will all review any outstanding items from the Home Orientation. They will then sign off on any closing documents and the keys are then passed over.
      • At Cedarglen Homes, all new homes are automatically enrolled in Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP). To learn more about this comprehensive program, click HERE.
      • In addition to ANHWP, Cedarglen Homes also offers a fantastic warranty package for the first year of the new home. If a homeowner has any questions or concerns during this time, they can reach out to the dedicated Customer Response Team who is available to help. There are two main inspections that are completed by the Cedarglen Homes team during the 1-year warranty period. The first is completed roughly 60 days after possession, and the other is completed at the 1-year mark. These inspections are set to ensure that everything is working properly in the new home.

While we appreciate that the majority of homebuyers prefer to attend these meetings and milestones in-person, it is important to note that Cedarglen Homes does offer the opportunity for many of the above steps to occur virtually when necessary. Following the Coronavirus pandemic, our team has been able to pivot successfully and keep the building process moving forward as smoothly as possibly for those looking to buy a house in Calgary. It is also important to note that homebuyers who have purchased one of our quick possession homes in Calgary will follow a slightly different timeline and process.