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The entire Cedarglen team contributes to your success story in creating the homes of your dreams. Beginning with our sales team and continuing on with our Customer Relations Representatives, onsite Production Team and Customer Response Team, Cedarglen Homes is here to help you start your journey to extraordinary homeownership.

Defining Tradition

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Cedarglen Homes has been a longstanding homebuilder in Calgary for over 39 years, and throughout that time we have helped thousands of Calgarians build their dream home. Under the leadership of our President, Howard Tse, we are fortunate to have one of the youngest and most experienced management teams in the industry. This team has fostered a culture of dedicated and passionate employees who work hard to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with homeowners’, development partners, trades and suppliers.

When all is said and done, we believe that Cedarglen Homes is in the business of changing peoples lives. With a mission to ‘innovate for better living’ and a vision to ‘think without limits’ we have strived to create both beautiful and functional homes that truly work for homeowners’ everyday needs. For this reason, we provide the opportunity for home buyers to customize their Cedarglen home - whether that means adding a third-storey loft, extra bedrooms or even a secondary suite in the basement. Furthermore, we believe that it is our ability to provide an exceptional customer experience from start to finish that sets us apart from other builders. From the moment you walk through our showhome doors, you will always have a Cedarglen team member available to help you throughout your build and into the warranty period. These assigned representatives will keep you up to date on all aspects of the build, making the home buying experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. After all, while this is likely the most expensive purchase you will make in your life, it should also be the most exciting. Cedarglen Homes is in the business of changing lives because we help home buyers take the leap into the next stage of their life by building a customized home that works for them.

This commitment to building high quality homes and creating valuable relationships with all stakeholders has earned Cedarglen Homes several designations such as Master Home Builder, The New Homebuyer’s Choice Award Winner, Small Business Philanthropist, Best Customer Experience (2020) and Builder of Choice for the past FOUR years in a row. We are proud of our past accomplishments, and we are excited to continue building for the future. 

Defining Sustainability

Cedarglen Homes uses the government-backed EnerGuide rating scale. We work with an energy advisor to improve the energy performance of your new home. This investment made in energy efficiency at the construction stage will pay off in lower energy bills once you move into your home. In addition, the EnerGuide evaluation report and official label can help increase your home’s resale value when you’re ready to purchase a new Cedarglen home.


R50 attic insulation provides a higher R-value and minimizes the transfer of heat


Triple pane insulating glass provides added performance benefits, especially in extreme climates, as it features additional glass and airspace for improved insulation.


R20 Basement exterior wall insulation provides a higher R-value and minimizes the transfer of heat.


Energy Star rated HRV expels stale indoor air while cool fresh air is drawn into the HRV and warmed by the heated aluminum core before being delivered to the rest of the home.


Tankless water heater heats water directly without the use of a storage tank. As a result, tankless water heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water. This system uses energy only when there is a demand for hot water.


95% high efficiency furnace.


2lb spray foam to rim joists, 1/2lb spray foam around windows and doors, as well as spray foam to all exterior penetrations.


2lb spray foam to rim joists, 1/2lb spray foam around windows and doors, as well as spray foam to all exterior penetrations.


Upper floor penetrations sealed to reduce heat loss.


Airtight electrical boxes with gaskets to exterior walls.


Defining Quality

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Industry standards are often basic guidelines - at best - to what you should receive in a new home. Every Cedarglen Home is built beyond the industry basics, giving you superior specifications. It's part of Cedarglen's commitment to provide you with a distinguished comfortable and quality home.

Defining Accountability

Many builders will make promises and guarantees during your search for a new home. We prefer to let our homeowners and awards speak for us.  If you’ve built with Cedarglen Homes, share your experience with us at


Defining Support

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Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make. Cedarglen Homes will guide you through the homebuying experience with beginning-to-end support. You will have specific access to the right support during your planning, purchase, build, and move-in. Download our Touchpoint Map to see how we can help from selection to design, through construction, and into warranty.

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