Managing Indoor Humidity in Winter

Learn How to Prevent Indoor Condensation During Winter

At the start of the new year, Calgary initially experienced a major cold snap that took the city by surprise. With the temperatures dropping below zero again, it is important as a homeowner to take necessary steps to ensure your home is running efficiently.

As we continue to experience cold winter weather, it is important that you review the role of humidity and ventilation management in your home to mitigate any potential damage from melting condensation.

Frost build-up on your windows, exterior doors, jambs, handles, and/or hardware is caused by a combination of cold temperatures outside and high humidity/warm air in your home. This causes the warm, humid air inside to attract to the coldest surfaces in your home – in this case, windows.

One golden rule to remember is: if there is condensation on the interior surface of an exterior window or door, then the humidity in the home is too high. Action must be taken to lower the humidity levels. 

Here is a quick and easy way to check the humidity level in your home:


Do any of your windows or doors look like this? YES, or NO.

Frost build-up on window indoors

STEP 2: 

If the answer is YES, then you need to immediately turn down the humidity controls in your home. These controls can be found on the thermostat or a separate humidity control. It is also recommended that you open your blinds or curtains at least a few inches to allow for air circulation and to prevent condensation as well as ice build-up on your windows.

If the answer is NO, then the humidity levels in your home are ideal. Periodically check your windows for condensation during the winter months.


Continue to monitor the amount of condensation and lower the humidity levels until the condensation disappears. It will take 24-48 hours for the humidity level to decrease so please continue to make sure the condensation is reduced.

For additional tips on managing indoor humidity in your home during the winter months, click HERE for an article from Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

For more information on cold weather home maintenance, reach out to the Cedarglen Homes Response Team at 403-255-2000 or

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