Your kitchen, your way
23 Mar 2012

Your kitchen, your way

Ryan Christensen
Cabinet Specialist

The luxury of buying a Cedarglen home means a meeting with me. I know there is a hint of egoist self-congratulation in the notion, but it truly is a magnificent gift: to meet with me. Because I represent the appeal to creativity and your means to finally remove the shackles of architectural controls and embrace a relatively simple term you’ve yet to manage without some caustic reaction from the overseers. I represent ideas.

The luxury of buying a Cedarglen home means a meeting with me. Because I’m the Cabinet Guy. You’ve all seen them: the advertisements in magazines, the colourful, kaleidoscopic wonderments of a kitchen adorned in sunlit richness, provoking a sense of curiosity to question: can I really have something like this? Yes. Yes you can. And I represent that willing ear, the recipient of all you’ve learned from design magazines and home improvement shows. When you buy a home with Cedarglen, a part and parcel extension of your decision is our sit down consultation.

You’ll notice a copy of cabinet layouts before you: these represent the template, the empty slate upon which you may divulge any idea you’ve ever had. That’s what our meeting is: it’s an introduction to what you now have, and what you ought to have. Our consultation is an ideas-game, your shot at stripping the standard spec to reveal an aesthetic functionality that would turn your new house into a home. I’m here to nod and prod your creative juices, to stoke your progress with words of encouragement. I will mark up the plans to show each of your ideas: did you want to raise your cabinets tight to the ceiling? Sure. Did you want to add a valance moulding, allowing the future installation of undercabinet lighting, and that ultimate “wow” factor when you throw the inevitable house-warming party? Absolutely. Our meeting is your opportunity to build an ideal.

That’s the fun of our sit down. You may be questioning my sanity at this point, wondering how on earth one can build an ideal without once considering the monetary set back? The reality of numbers is always the reminder that no matter one’s tastes, no matter one’s aspirations, the bill will always demean our ready spirits with the constrictive intimation that we have to BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET! I suppose one’s budget is always at the forefront, always looking over our shoulders as we devise schemes to trick it into submission. But that’s why I’ve given you a period of review. Our meeting isn’t the end; it doesn’t determine your selections or lock in your modifications. No, you’re entitled the opportunity to see your ideal kitchen drawn, to see it priced, for we all know those numbers are the deciding factors. They ultimately hold the power. You have the chance to choose what you keep and what you don’t. The end product will always be the result of your freedom to design and choose: I like to think our meeting is the counterpoint to your contractual obligations. Here you have the freedom to design and deconstruct; the freedom to envision an ideal and the freedom to realize its reality. Here you are the artist.