When is the right time to list your home for sale?
22 Oct 2015

When is the right time to list your home for sale?

By Allison Harvie, Sales and Marketing Manager

Purchasing a new home is a very exciting time but before you decide to purchase your new Cedarglen Home, it is important to come up with an action plan to sell your existing home. Should you sell first? Or should you sell it after you have purchased?

Here are some things to consider when selling your existing home before you buy. Worry-free, you are now able to focus your sole attention on the purchase of your new home. Typically, you would now bridge your living arrangement with either a rental home or living with relatives or friends.

For those that would prefer to sell after they have purchased a new home, finding the right realtor, pricing your home accurately and timing is everything.

Pricing your home correctly

Changing real estate markets bring about changes in how long it can take for a home to sell. Pricing your home accurately is key. Your realtor will provide you with information on the homes listed in your community and recently sold homes. Based on this information, together, you will determine what your listing price should be. Remember listing your home too high means lost time on the market and that you will soon have to reduce the price, which can often leave potential buyers with the impression that you may reduce more. A good indication that your home is listed properly is traffic (showings) during the first week of listing which usually brings about the highest volume of people looking for a new home.


Market conditions can change when you decide to list your home after you have purchased. It is our recommendation that you list no less than 90 days prior to taking possession of your new home. This allows you time to make well-thought out decisions and not be pressured to take a bad offer.

Finding the right realtor

Cedarglen Homes offers a listing service with our preferred realtor, Tom Waller. Tom offers an expert sales strategy that includes a confident sales price, professional photography and team to work with. Tom has worked closely with Cedarglen Homes for over 20 years. For more information on contacting Tom directly please visit www.wallerrealestate.ca

Benefits from Tom Waller for Cedarglen Home buyers.

What if my home doesn’t sell?

This situation can be stressful for some buyers. It is best to meet with your financial advisor/ mortgage representative before you purchase a new home. It is important to understand and explore options just in case your current home does not sell.

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