Triple Glazed Windows: Pane or Pleasure?
14 Jul 2016

Triple Glazed Windows: Pane or Pleasure?

By Corey McCloskey, Customer Response Team Representative

Remember that Christmas you spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s when you were a kid, and that spare bedroom you were stuck in was freezing? There was likely a single, lonely piece of glass separating you from Old Man Winter in that bedroom, and it wasn’t doing a very good job of keeping him out. As humans, we live and we learn, and somebody along the way figured out that adding an air gap between two pieces of glass made windows far more efficient, and the double glazed window was born. This is currently the industry standard and this type of glass construct does a serviceable job of separating exterior and interior environments, permitting you to see the world outside while allowing natural light to enter your home during the day.

Enter the triple glazed window, a feature of the EnerGuide 80 package* offered by Cedarglen Homes. Triple glazed windows were the next step in the evolution of window manufacturing and are not necessarily new technology; truth be told, these windows have been a mainstay in many of Cedarglen’s area spec packages for well over half a decade. A tripled glazed window consists of; you guessed it, three panels of glass, with two sealed airspaces in between. With an air gap serving as the best insulator of all, the addition of an extra airspace in the glass assembly helps by adding an additional layer of insulation, keeping your indoor and outdoor environments separated, which also includes noise from outside, as well! Throw in some other advances in window technology, such as a Low E glass coatings (which reflects radiant energy away from the glass, keeping heat in or out, as desired) and an insertion of argon gas into the airspaces (which reduces heat conduction by 33% when compared to air), and you have a window which can perform 60% better than its double pane counterpart! **

Whether you’re interested in doing your part to protect the environment or you’re all about having the next innovations in technology, we can all agree that saving money is a good idea. Solar panels, geothermic heating, and smart home technology are all cutting edge, green products in our industry, but sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. Triple glazed windows are an excellent way to keep your home comfortable year round, while saving you thousands of dollars over the course of ownership, and are just one of the many features you will find included in Cedarglen’s EnerGuide 80 package!

Have a great weekend,

Cedarglen Homes

* Cedarglen Homes EnerGuide 80 initiative applies to the standard plan only on a standard lot for homes purchased in 2016. Any revisions made to the standard plan may affect this rating. In the event of a dispute between this document and a contract, the contract will prevail. E&OE. Revised and effective 07/2016.

**Comparison sourced from Durabuilt Windows and Doors – 3 Great Reasons to Choose Triple Pane Glass