Spotlight: Scott Haggins, Chairman of Cedarglen Homes and a Gift that Will Keep on Giving
29 May 2014

Spotlight: Scott Haggins, Chairman of Cedarglen Homes and a Gift that Will Keep on Giving

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Scott Haggins, Chairman of Cedarglen Homes, appreciates the free services, programs and resources that Wellspring Calgary provides at Carma House to people living with cancer and their families. Scott also recognizes that there remains a need to provide accessible services to the south end of the city where transportation and time may be a barrier to coming to Carma House.

Scott and Cedarglen answered the call: Scott approached Wellspring Calgary in 2013, and with the support of Brookfield Residential Properties, Cedarglen and their trades and suppliers built a showhome for Wellspring Calgary to run a 3 month pilot program in Auburn Bay, a community close to the South Health Campus Hospital. This 3 month pilot location was for Wellspring’s programs to reach those in south Calgary and Alberta who find it difficult to access services in the north. The showhome was open to the public for tours, while also offering Wellspring Calgary programs.

The pilot program was a huge success: it raised community awareness of the need for Wellspring services in south Calgary, and the positive response to the Auburn Bay pilot will drive Wellspring Calgary’s future growth strategy to serve all Calgarians and southern Albertans.

This is what makes Calgary different from other cities. We are a generous city,

keen to give back to our communities. ~ Scott Haggins, Chairman of Cedarglen Homes

From March through May 2014, the south Calgary location served those in need of Wellspring’s incredible services, and brought awareness to the great work of Wellspring Calgary, their members, and the comprehensive programs and services they offer, says Scott.

On June 3, 2014, the south Calgary Cedarglen showhome will be auctioned off and all proceeds from the sale will be donated back to Wellspring as a multi-year gift, to ensure sustainability of Wellspring’s operations for years to come.

As for a future, permanent Wellspring Calgary home in the south, Haggins doesn’t rule out the possibility, saying support from the community wouldn’t be hard to muster: No one should face cancer alone.

Wellspring is deeply grateful for the leadership and generosity of Scott Haggins and Cedarglen, their trades and suppliers, and Brookfield Residential properties, and for the compassion and support they have demonstrated for their fellow Calgarians. We’re looking forward to an exciting evening, and an inspirational auction!

For details on the south Calgary Cedarglen show home and the June 3 live auction to benefit Wellspring Calgary, please visit