Pinterest + Holiday DIY Ideas
20 Dec 2012

Pinterest + Holiday DIY Ideas

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing CoordinatorPinned Image

Exciting news for this week’s blog: take a look at our Pinterest page to see all the great holiday DIY ideas below and many more! Click here or search Cedarglen Homes, and find the Holiday DIY board on our page.

Looking to get into the holiday spirit? Try out some easy and festive DIY projects below.


Creating a homemade wreath is a great way to add a festive touch to your home. It can be displayed well past Christmas and works great as a gift as well. You can coordinate colors and materials to match with your existing decor or go for a more Christmas inspired wreath.

What you need to create your wreath starts with the base. A plywood circle wreath form or Styrofoam circle would be great, however you could also use a cardboard cut-out (just be careful not to get it wet!). Next, consider how you want to hang your wreath. Ribbon is a great idea, or a simple hook would be fine as well. The hardware store also offers some options that hang over your front door to display your wreath. Lastly, you will need a glue gun to stick everything onto your wreath form. Now, go wild! Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Tapioca Flower WreathMartha Stewart made this wreath (left) from tapioca wood flowers; it looks wintery and could easily be accented with poinsettia flowers for a special occasion. This wreath has a wooden base with the flowers glued right to it.

Ribbon Wreath

This wreath (right) is from Handmade Collectible’s shop on Etsy. This type of wreath would be easily made with the round Styrofoam cut-out and some colored ribbon. A red and white striped pattern would look wonderful for a whimsical candy cane feel (This idea courtesy of my wonderful co-worker) or you could go with a sparkling silver ribbon for a winter wonderland idea.

Pinecone Wreath

Lastly, a pinecone wreath: I just love this idea. I used to make these as a kid and they are very simple and go straight from fall all the way until the snow starts to melt! A wooden “grapevine” type of wreath would be best (wooden vines formed into a circle) so you don’t have any Styrofoam peaking out. This is a great example, courtesy of Bungalow Blue Interiors.

Felt Flowers:

Poinsettia Felt FlowersThere are unlimited ways to make simple and beautiful felted flowers. These work great on Christmas cards, gift toppers, napkin holders, wreath decorations, and the list goes on!

This poinsettia flower from Tidy Mom is super easy to make! She puts a pin on the back to wear it as a broach. All you need is some felt, glue gun, beads or jewels for the centre, and then you’re ready to get cutting. Take a look at her step-by-step instructions here.


The last and possibly easiest DIY holiday project is jazzing up store bought ornaments. Metallic or clear glass ornaments are a great canvas to begin with; you can find these at your local department store or craft store. From here, you can do just about anything! Check these out:

Icy Metallic Ornaments Snowy Mountains

The top metallic ornaments were covered in white craft glue then rolled in micro bead glitter. The ornaments on the bottom use painters tape to cut out the mountains, and then apply “snow” spray paint for the faux snow.

Now, happy crafting!

Don’t forget to check out our Holiday DIY board on Pinterest for these and tons of other great ideas I’ve pinned!

Lastly, a very special thank you to all of our suppliers, tradespeople, and organizations that work with us throughout the year, Happy Holidays!