How Cedarglen is Revolutionizing the Home Building Process
31 Jan 2013

How Cedarglen is Revolutionizing the Home Building Process

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing Coordinator

Last week as our executives met to discuss how we can be our best in 2013, somewhat of an epiphany happened. Brought together at our Christmas Party (Yes, we realize Christmas has passed), Howard, President of Cedarglen Homes, announced the plans for 2013. During his speech, Howard emphasizes our mission of “revolutionizing the home building process” (Get the inside details on what it's like being President here). With this in mind we welcome an exciting new era at Cedarglen.

As many of our previous customers may know, an integral part of the home building process is the Customer Liaison. This is the person you meet at our office who goes over every little detail of your plans with you, who is there to answer your questions at any time (day or night or 3 in the morning), and to welcome you into your new home. After sitting in on a few appointments, I don’t know how one could go through building a new home without their liaison. And our wall of thank-you cards and letters reinforces that our customers appreciate their liaison and all the hard work they put in.

After extensive research, thought, discussions, and more, it was decided that our amazing liaisons could not handle all the work by themselves. So we created a know-it-all tag team to help every step of the way as your new home is built.

First, we have the Customer Relations Representative, known as the CRR. The CRR works with the homeowners from the time of sale all the way through to the day the homeowners take possession of their new house. The CRR will accompany the customers to their Plan Presentation Meeting, which takes place at the showhome, and also to their Design Centre Meeting, where interior selections are made. This will allow the CRR to understand all aspects of the customer process.

Working behind the scenes is the Customer Response Team Representative (CRTR). This will be the go-to guy or gal for any questions during construction; the CRTR helps the homeowners from Construction start to the end of the warranty period, and far beyond! They arrange service calls and follow up on completed work with the homeowner. During construction, if you have a question or concern, the CRTR is there to get you the answers or direct you to the appropriate person to answer your questions.

Together, this dynamic duo of Customer Relations Representatives and Customer Response Team Representatives will make the home building process as stress-free as possible. After all, a home is probably the biggest purchase in one’s life (unless you are planning to buy a jet), so we want you to enjoy each step in building your Cedarglen home.

- Ashley