Ensuring a Strong Foundation: Delta Membrane System
16 Mar 2012

Ensuring a Strong Foundation: Delta Membrane System

Cole Richardson,

‘To build successful relationships, one must create solid foundations.’ Cedarglen takes this proverb to heart during the construction of each and every one of our basement foundations. Delta Membrane System, also known as ‘house wrap’ is the premium choice in foundation protection. DELTA®-MS is a highly effective waterproofing protection system based on a uniquely formed air-gap membrane. This intelligent design prevents water from directly contacting the concrete foundation of your home and directs water towards the footer drain, where it can safely flow away from your basement. Keeping water away from your foundation is the key to a dry basement and provides the peace of mind that every homeowner desires.

DELTA®-MS is composed of high-density polyethylene, creating a layer impermeable to water and water vapour between your basement and the surrounding soil. Not only is it impermeable to water and water vapour, but it is also resistant to acids and other agents. This ensures that your house wrap will not break down or disintegrate from harsh soil acids.

More Advantages:

  • Outlasts the life of the structure (will not break down or disintegrate due to soil acids)
  • Can be installed on damp or frosty surfaces
  • Installation is unaffected by temperatures (-30° to 80°+ C)
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles
  • Bridges all cracks and other surface defects

Compared to Other Foundation Protection Products:

  • Toughness DELTA®-MS can withstand rough treatment during construction, something waterproofing agents applied directly to foundations can't do.
  • Reliability Unlike coating products, DELTA®-MS works even if there are minor tears in the membrane.
  • Flexibility Because it has some give and movement, DELTA®-MS also cushions the foundation, providing superior protection against cracking caused by soil movement due to freezing and settling.
  • Moisture Control Unlike foundation coatings that keep moisture locked in and around basements, DELTA®-MS lets the foundation breathe. Because it's right next to the soil, moisture condenses on the colder DELTA®-MS -- not on foundation walls.
  • Environmentally Friendly Some waterproofing treatments, such as tarring, use petrochemicals harmful to the environment -- especially harmful when poorly applied. DELTA®-MS is completely safe and will never degrade or react with other materials. DELTA®-MS is also recyclable.
  • Top Warranty When installed by a certified installer, DELTA®-MS is covered by a 20-year product warranty.