Building the perfect Valentine's
24 Feb 2012

Building the perfect Valentine's

By Shawn Logan, Cedarglen Customer

The flickering of two dozen candles cast a warm glow in the kitchen. Fresh orchids sat in the middle of the room's island along with an unopened and inviting bottle of Wolf Blass shiraz. A candlelit dinner in your home on Valentine's Day is not exactly a rarity; unless, of course, it's a home that is still being built.

Thanks to our good friends at Cedarglen Homes, I was able to surprise my beautiful girlfriend with a candlelit (not real flames, of course) meal on the most romantic day of the year... and Amanda isn't an easy one to surprise. My co-conspirators — the unfailingly helpful team at the New Brighton District showhomes, Ward and Sarah, bent over backwards to help conjure up the perfect evening. The setting couldn't have been more romantic.

Anyone who's ever built a home or who is going through the process of building a home — especially their first — knows how special the experience is. Constant drive-bys, lingering visits during the various stages of construction — watching your house grow is just like watching a child do the same ... with less teenage angst.

And while having that first romantic dinner in your new home is exciting, doing so while the paint and tile are still going on is particularly magical. But nothing ever is 100 percent perfect. After a wonderful evening, in our wonderful house, it finally sinks in.

The bar may have been raised a bit too high for future Valentine's Days.