About Cedarglen Homes

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At Cedarglen Homes, we offer homebuyers a high-quality home that can be personalized to suit their lifestyle. With over 40 years of experience in the Calgary real estate market, we have come to understand that every family that walks through our doors has a unique set of needs from the next. Therefore, we provide countless opportunities to differentiate each home from its neighbour - whether through pre-designed floorplan variations, a strong offering of interior selections, or the ability to incorporate sustainable building practices into each home. Over the years, our team has refined our processes to ensure that we strike the perfect balance between offering personalization opportunities, while still maintaining a simple, and enjoyable homebuilding journey.

Homebuilding Journey

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Building a new home is an exciting journey that is filled with countless milestones to celebrate along the way. At Cedarglen Homes, we aim to ensure our homebuyers feel educated and empowered throughout their build, so that they can sit back and enjoy the entire journey.

In many ways, building a new home can be likened to going on a year-long trip around the world. There is plenty of research to be done, destinations to visit and important people you will meet along the way. To make your experience as easy to navigate as possible, we have created a ‘Customer Journey Passport’ that can be used to prepare for and document each milestone in the homebuilding journey. These passports will be handed out to all homebuyers once their purchase agreements have been finalized, and they will include pertinent information on what to expect during upcoming meetings. In addition to the meeting details, homebuyers will have access to a video library with details on each required meeting. The ultimate goal of this passport system is that homebuyers will feel prepared for their upcoming appointments and have a personalized keepsake that they can look back on to remind them of their experience building with Cedarglen Homes.

Click below for a brief overview of our homebuilding journey. If you are in the pre-purchase stage of your home search and have any questions on the homebuilding process, we encourage you to chat with our Sales Team directly. Alternatively, if you have already purchased your new Cedarglen Home, you can contact your assigned Customer Relations Representative or reach out for more information at info@cedarglenhomes.com.

Homebuilding Journey