Your Home OnTrack
31 Jul 2017

Your Home OnTrack

Our vision at Cedarglen Homes is to revolution the home building process. One of our approaches to meet this vision is through technology. In 2006 we introduced our homeowners to Your Home OnTrack. Your Home OnTrack is a customer portal that allows you to track the progress of your home’s construction without having to put on a hard hat and visit the construction site. Your Home OnTrack was so innovative for its time, that it won a Sam Award for Best New Idea. Now that 11 years has passed (which may as well be a century with how quickly technology is evolving), it was time to update the look and functionality of Your Home OnTrack with our new Cedarglen brand. We have just finished this revamp and we are ready to welcome you into our sparkling new customer portal!

So yes, it looks pretty and new, but what does it do? It all starts with an email from Cedarglen Homes with your login information. This includes a username and a password. If you did not receive an email, you can reach out to your Customer Relations Representative who will provide you with a copy of the email. After logging in, here is a look at all the information that will be at your fingertips.


Think everything from that first Schedule A that you signed in the showhome, to the electrical plans you marked up with your Site Supervisor. In the documents section, you can find uploaded copies of your legal documents, your construction start plans and all your interior selections. This allows you to access your documents on the go. You can also easily forward documents to your mortgage provider as requested.


Most of your appointments are scheduled prior to construction start, with a few taking place throughout the build. This section shows you upcoming appointments.


The Milestones section will let you easily track the progress of home. We divided the construction process into 10 milestones. Each of the milestones includes a list of what is to be completed, along with a list of your responsibilities for this milestone. You can also preview future milestones to see what to expect down the road.

Supplier Info

View the list of our trades and suppliers that will be working on your new home.


The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is one of our most visited pages. This page will show commonly asked questions and answers for the current milestone your home has reached. The type of FAQs displayed will progress as your home advances through the building process

Service requests

The Service Requests page is available only after you have taken possession of your new home. Should any issues arise, you can submit a service request to the Customer Response Team and monitor the progress online.

Home Maintenance

Your Home Maintenance page provides a monthly breakdown of maintenance recommended by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

My Account

This section will allow you to manage your password. You can also go to the email notification tab to receive appointment reminders, service requests updates and monthly home maintenance reminders.

We hope that you enjoy your experience as you navigate through our award-winning customer portal.

Have a great weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing