Your Dream Basement...
16 Feb 2012

Your Dream Basement...

by Dominique Renaud

The rumours are true: Cedarglen Homes has expanded, and we are proud to introduce our Urban Renovations division. We are using our knowledge and experience to offer all customers an opportunity to update, modify, and beautify their homes! Let’s start by discussing one of the most common types of renovation requested by our past homebuyers.

The kids are growing up, you are planning on entertaining friends and hosting out-of-town guests more often; it may be time to consider developing the basement. What are some key items you should be looking at when developing your basement? Here is a list of what we believe to be essential upgrades for your renovation:

  1. Delta FL. This heavy-duty plastic membrane will help keep you warm and comfortable in your basement. It is a perfect starting point for creating an inviting space for your loved ones.
  2. Entertainment Upgrades. You know you’ve always wanted that HD projector; it might not have matched the decor in your great room, but your new recreational room is the perfect place for it!
  3. Quiet Rock. With your new projector and surround sound system you want to make sure you don’t keep the rest of your household awake. This soundproofing drywall will help keep all members of your family happy.
  4. Wet bar. What is more perfect than being able to serve your guests a cold drink while you are all watching the game on your big screen? A practical and stylish addition to your basement. bar.jpg
  5. Tiled shower. You couldn’t afford to add it to your ensuite when you first purchased your home, now is the time to add the steam shower you’ve always dreamed about. Think of your new bathroom as your own personal spa! ensuite.jpg
  6. Cork Flooring. It is durable, soft, stylish and cozy, the perfect finishing touch.

The options are endless. EMAIL US your request today to get started on the basement of your dreams.