Winter-ize your home
4 Nov 2011

Winter-ize your home

Written by: Jeff O'Brien

With winter fast-approaching, there is a real need for seasonal home-owner maintenance. That's where we come in to help. Here are some tips to keep you and your family warm this winter while keeping your costs as low as possible.

  1. furnace.jpg?w=200 Check, clean or replace furnace filters. These should be checked once a month during furnace-operating seasons, or every month if you use air conditioning during summer months.
  2. Clean or replace your humidifier filter. This should be cleaned twice per heating season and at the end of the heating season, as well. If left in while still dirty, you may find white dust has settled around your home.
  3. Turn on humidifier water and shut off exterior water. Make sure you have disconnected your hose and that you have drained all excess water from taps. Freezing water will expand and can potentially do damage. While you are outside, also flip down your down spout extensions.
  4. Re-program your thermostat, as it was probably last set in the spring, when the weather was getting warmer. Bump up your high and low temperatures to ensure your home is set at optimal temperatures for you. humidstat.jpg?w=300 Moist heat makes your home feel more comfortable, as well, so set your humidistat so that your relative humidity is high enough to satisfy your solid wood furniture and hardwood flooring. Make sure to monitor for condensation on windows (a "smile" of moisture in each corner of your windows will, in turn, keep your home happy... and keep you comfortable all winter).
  5. 684719_50794529.jpg?w=300 Turn your clocks back one hour this Sunday (November 6th) and do your diligence in checking both smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries. There - you're all set for winter. With these things done, all you need to worry about are pulling boots, gloves and snow shovels out of storage. Preparing for our sometimes extreme Alberta winters doesn't take a lot of time, but can help to keep your bills lower and will ensure maximum comfort for both you and your family during the chilly months ahead.