Virtual Showhome
11 Aug 2016

Virtual Showhome

By Deepak Vyas, Software Developer, Perimeter 9

Virtual Reality is a hot topic in the market right now and rightly so as it provides the visual representation of the possible reality or imagination. We at Perimeter 9, thought about how can we extract meaningful information that can be represented into something that can be visualized. Our clients, Cedarglen Homes and Cedarglen Living took part in this. We analyzed their data and their requirements for showhomes. Extracting the information from their data, we glued the pieces required to build a showhome and different models and we came up with the idea of creating an application that will represent a virtual showhome. We collected all the different model’s data and converted to information as per our client’s current requirements and were able to represent in a standalone application that once installed on your mobile device, can provide you a virtual view of the house as if you are looking at it when it is ready for possession.


Our Virtual Showhome applications provided our client with a huge support especially at this time when it is hard to spend millions of dollars just to build showhomes. They were able to make great use of this application to show the different house models to the customers without building them. Moreover, the application is free to download so the interested person can download and install the application on the mobile device and take it with them anywhere and show it to their family members and decide as per their liking. Once installed, it does not need internet access so you can use it anywhere. The application works on iOS, Android and Windows platform and it is free to install. For more information and demo of one of the pieces of the application, you can check out 3D spherical. You can also download and install through iTunes and Google Play.

We are working on some more cool things to solve the problems of building and construction industry. This application is just one thing. To know more about the application and other cool things we are working on keep following our blog. You can always contact us at