Vimeo Home Maintenance Videos
27 Jul 2017

Vimeo Home Maintenance Videos

As a new homeowner, there is a lot to learn about taking care of your investment. That’s why we believe in having the right team in place to offer support throughout the warranty period. Your first resource is our Customer Response Team. They are available during our regular business hours and are just a phone call or email away. They can provide you with the guidance and tools to make your transition to home ownership seamless.

Last year we introduced you to another resource, our home maintenance videos. These videos are now available on our new Vimeo account. Vimeo is a video sharing website that supports high-definition videos and does not include ad space. With less clutter around the frame, the Vimeo platform has a clean aesthetic and allows the viewer to focus primarily on the video. So, in this case, you can focus on our skilled team of Site Supervisor’s sharing their knowledge. Our Vimeo account includes 11 easy-to-follow home maintenance videos. These videos are excellent visual aids for performing routine maintenance around your home.

How to Maintain Your HRV

Main Water and Exterior Water Shut Off

Changing Your Furnace Filter

Surface Water Management

Removing Your Horizontal Window Sliders

Paint Cracking Around Your Windows

Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Setting Your Emerson Thermostat

Understanding Your Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Humidifier Maintenance

Electrical Panel

We hope that you enjoy our home maintenance videos on Vimeo and learn some useful information in the process.

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