The Pre-occ Inspection and Paint Final Inspection
2 Aug 2012

The Pre-occ Inspection and Paint Final Inspection

Tim Dubiel

We are at the stage of your house where we have a team of experienced Cedarglen employees come in to turn your house into a home. The team will go through your house from top to bottom and fine tune your home.

At the pre-occ inspection, we have a checklist of items that we complete for every home. We start by ensuring that all the trades have completed their job and any outstanding items are noted so that the trade can be called back to complete all outstanding items. These items are usually very minor and most times they are back-ordered items that are we waiting for. Once the trades are called, we will continue down our checklist. We will check all doors to make sure they work properly, check all toilets, sinks and showers to make sure they function as per the manufacturers specifications. Next on our checklist is to make sure the furnace, HRV and humidifier are working properly. We turn everything on to is functioning. While we are in the basement we will label all the important mechanical items you may need to access in the future. A few of these items are: the main water shut-off, outside tap shut-offs, hot water tank supply, natural gas shut-offs for the hot water tank and furnace, and the main shut-off for the electrical panel and humidifier shut-offs. We will then check all your window jambs, window sliders, screens and tubs to make sure they are in good working condition. One of the last things we will inspect is all your cabinets and wood work. We take a lot of time inspecting these items to make sure they function properly and look amazing.

At this stage we have another Cedarglen team come in to complete all paint touch ups that are required. This team spends as much time as needed to make sure your paint job looks flawless. This team will touch up all baseboards throughout the whole house, as well. They will also check for any damage from the trades or items that might have been missed by the original painter. Our trained paint team will look over all the doors, wood work and all the walls to make sure they are as close to perfect as they can get them. When our paint team is complete your home is complete.

The final Cedarglen team to come into your home at this time is our clean team. They have also been in previously at various stages to clean your home. In fact they were in just before the pre-occ inspection and cleaned the home from top to bottom to enable an accurate and efficient inspection. They come immediately after the pre-occ inspection and paint touch-ups to clean everything again. The house is now ready for your home orientation.