The Finishing Touch to Your Home
19 Feb 2015

The Finishing Touch to Your Home

By Amy Marchand, Design Consultant

Moving day! It’s overwhelmingly exciting but stressful at times. Who cares if there’s a blizzard out and you have two massive couches and three beds to move in? You have worked so hard to get here and you want to enjoy it! It’s the end of the day, there are boxes strewn everywhere but as you lie down in bed there is a sense of accomplishment, comfort and familiarity as this ongoing process for the last couple of months has come to an end and a new chapter is beginning. It will be great tomorrow when you have the entire day to settle in! And then morning comes with unrelenting force, shining dawn’s sun in your face when all you want is another two hours of sleep before you climb back into the trenches. Sleep becomes impossible and you curse yourself for picking the beautiful lot with a south facing view! You contemplate hanging a sheet but cringe at the idea of putting holes in the wall or removing paint with tape. If only there were blinds on those darn windows...

Pic 2

“Is everyone and their dog here today?” you ask yourself as you hear a child down the aisle whining about paint. There is a lot to do back at the house and a football game starting in a couple of hours. This needs to be quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. As you turn the corner to the blind section it’s as though you have walked into another world. Displays create a maze to tackle as you helplessly search for someone to assist you. No such luck and as patience is wearing thin you decide to pick up a new snow shovel and head on home.

Sitting at the table eating lunch, it’s easy to reflect back on the time you spent in the Cedarglen Design Center going over all the little details that came together so seamlessly. And then it hits you! “Cedarglen offers Window Coverings!” The display of Faux Woods, Shutters and so much more flashes by in your memory. It would be great to re-live the quiet, personal meeting you’d previously experienced during interior selections, but with the added benefit of discussing Window Coverings. A sudden smile is the result of your realization that designing Window Coverings can be so much easier than what you had just experienced down the street bartering for blinds! As you search through your Cedarglen binder you finally discover the designer’s number and you give her a call to book an appointment. She explains to you that she will be able to do pricing within a day or so following the appointment and once you’ve made your decision, she will then arrange to have the windows measured and order the blinds soon after.



The quote comes and it’s an easy decision. You have worked with someone you trust. You have experienced the quality Cedarglen offers and the pricing is fair. You place the order, learn it will take a couple of weeks to receive the blinds, and settle understanding your lasting feud with dawn will disappear upon your eventual victory. All because you were confident Cedarglen would make your business a priority.

Pic 6

That night you lie down thankful and relieved that Cedarglen was able to be your Window Covering supplier even after they turned your new home over to you. You know the dreadful sun will only be a bother for a short time. However, you vow that the next time you build with Cedarglen, Window Coverings will be installed on all of your windows upon arrival of the moving truck on possession day.