The Building Process
11 Sep 2014

The Building Process

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Although the snow is falling in September (never thought I would say that!) our building process at Cedarglen Homes continues on as usual. We have our process in place to ensure our homeowners have an enjoyable and consistent experience throughout the build. Since buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your life, we understand that this important decision can quickly become overwhelming. For that reason, we thought that this week we would feature a basic outline of the Cedarglen Homes process.

Step One: Plan your Mortgage

As you begin your search for a home, we advise you to meet with your lender to get a pre-approved mortgage. Having a pre-approved mortgage can save you a lot time, as it will provide you with a budget that can help you determine which community you want to live in and what size home you’d like to buy. To find out more about pre-approved mortgages check out our previous blog here.

Step Two: Choose a Community/ Model and Purchase your New Home

You may already have an idea of which community you want to call home. The Area Sales Manager of each of the Cedarglen Homes communities will assist your decision making process by helping you determine which of our models meet your needs and what modifications and options you can make to create your dream home. The Area Sales Manager will then go through the contract process with you to ensure that you are familiar with all the documentation before moving onto the next step. There is a lot of information exchanged in this step, so we always advise you to read all of the documentation.

Step Three: Design Process

One of our Customer Relation Representatives (CRR) will guide you through the administration process to prepare you for construction start. Their role includes setting up your selection and design appointments with our Cedarglen Homes Design Team, our Kitchen Designer and our suppliers who will help you with creating the interior of your home. Once all your selections are complete, the CRR will review all documentation and your final plans to prepare your file for construction start.

Step Four: Construction

Stage 1: During this first stage of the build survey stakes will appear on your lot and the excavation process begins. The foundation of your home is then poured. Once your home gets backfilled, we can move onto to stage 2.

Stage 2: In stage 2, your home starts to take shape as the framing gets completed. Your Site Supervisor will then contact you to schedule an electrical orientation with you in your home. Once all the mechanical and electrical rough-ins are installed, your home will be inspected by the city. As soon as the building envelope of your home is completed we can move on to stage 3.

Stage 3: During this last stage of your home build, the interior walls are drywalled, at which point your Customer Relations Representative will contact you with a confirmed possession date. The finishing details and the cabinetry are then completed and installed. Now, all that’s left is to apply the final paint coats and install the interior selections (i.e. carpet, granite countertops and hardwood flooring).

Should you have any questions or concerns throughout the construction process, our Customer Response Team Representatives are just a quick phone call away to help you!

Step five: Home and Possession Orientation

One week prior to the possession date of your new home, you’ll meet with your Site Supervisor to complete your Home Orientation. This onsite meeting is conducted to provide you with the information on how to operate and maintain all systems in your new home. On the day of possession, your Site Supervisor and Customer Relations Representative will then meet you at your home for your Possession Orientation to officially hand over the keys!

Step Six: Warranty

At Cedarglen Homes, we believe in building a quality home. We offer a Cedarglen Homes Warranty package during the first year in your home. During that warranty period, if a homeowner has any questions or concerns, the Customer Response Team Representatives are there to provide an answer or direct them to the appropriate person. There are two appointments during the warranty, 60-day and a 1-year to ensure that everything is working properly in your home.

With these six steps, we strive to continuously provide homeowners with the home of their dreams and a positive experience along the way!

Have a good weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing