The Best of Both Worlds and it’s Located in Calgary
6 Feb 2014

The Best of Both Worlds and it’s Located in Calgary

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

My dream is to live in a community that has stunning mountain views and a remote feel but still be able to get to a grocery store in less than 5 minutes (I know, I have a tendency to dream big). I never knew that this dream community existed until I visited our showhomes in Riverstone of Cranston.

Riverstone is a beautiful estate community that is surrounded within the nature of the Bow Valley and Fish Creek Park. Minutes away you will find all the amenities that Cranston and Seton have to offer such as grocery stores, restaurants and the new South Health Campus. This community clearly has it all! The latest phase to be released in Riverstone includes Creekside Lots. Located right along one of the most scenic views to wake up to in Calgary, this opportunity is sure to go quickly! Find out more about what this phase has to offer here.

The most common misconception about living in Riverstone is would be buyers worrying about building near the Bow River after the flood in 2013. What many don’t know is that not one home in Riverstone suffered water damage during that flood. Brookfield Residential (the developer) started building the grade in Riverstone in 2004 to help ensure this wouldn’t be an issue. That gave our Cedarglen Homes employees all the peace of mind they needed, which explains why four of our employees and their families now call Riverstone home!

We reached out to some of our Riverstone customers to hear more about what they love most about living in Riverstone.

“I moved to Riverstone because I wanted to be immersed in nature. I've enjoyed spectacular views of the river valley when I drive down "the hill" to come home after a long day. I look forward to my first summer in Riverstone, where I plan to enjoy walking, jogging, and biking along the river path.”- Karen Van Kampan.

“The best part of Riverstone is exactly how it was advertised. When you drive down the hill it feels like you are leaving the city. It has the appeal of living on an acreage, in terms of the peace and quiet on the evenings and weekends with the convenience of all amenities within a 3 minute drive. I believe this community will turn into one of the nicest built communities in all of Calgary. My fiancée and I also take full use of the walking path amenities, which is pretty fantastic when you can be walking beside the river in under 5 minutes.” - Ward Haggins

“My husband and I always thought that we would never move to the “burbs” since we loved inner city living. All that changed as soon as we drove down the hill into Riverstone. The view is breathtaking and it immediately made us feel like we had left the city while still having easy access to amenities. We have been lucky enough to experience all of the seasons in this beautiful community and each season seems to be better than the last! The access to playgrounds and walking paths along the river is our FAVOURITE part of the neighbourhood. We look forward to many more years here.” – Raleigh Thomas

Are you ready to call Riverstone home? Well now is the perfect time! When the Manning and Aspen II showhomes opened in Riverstone there was a huge demand for these models, not to mention the number of customers that took inspiration from the décor for their own homes! Well, we are pleased and excited to announce that new showhomes are being built in Riverstone which means the two current showhomes are available for sale! Go and visit these much coveted showhomes at 13 Cranbrook Place SE and 17 Cranbrook Place SE. There you will meet Kimberley Holstein our Area Sales Manager for Riverstone of Cranston. As Kimberly spends a lot of time in Riverstone, what better way to wrap up this week’s blog than hearing about what she enjoys most about the community!

“As you enter Riverstone you descend into Tranquility. This development is a small niche community of only 1100 residents, set into a park with nature all around you. It is quiet and peaceful nestled away from the hustle and bustle of busy roads and shopping centers. I myself have enjoyed the peacefulness coming here to work in the showhome, however for me sometimes too quiet! I would like very much to see more folks out in the showhome, getting to know this beautiful little community. Riverstone is a special place to come home to at the end of each day or a long week. You can walk or bike along the Fish Creek walking path system or grab your fishing rod on a quiet summer Sunday morning and cast a few down in the Bow river. Along the way you might see some Quail, a deer, rabbits, or be careful maybe a porcupine or skunk. The one question often asked and on everyone’s mind is the concern of the proximity of the river, having seen our city go through such a time this past year with the 2013 flood. Rest assured, this community was untouched and it experienced no ill effects of the flood. The planning of this community underwent extensive research and was under thorough scrutiny from the federal, provincial and city governments before this community could receive permits to begin development. The developer put in place five million cubic meters of dirt to lift this entire community well above the floodplain. Those who have chosen to purchase here and live here already are thoroughly enjoying it and remark on the peaceful quiet living that Riverstone delivers.”

“When I remark that I need more traffic in my showhome to share with more folks this wonderful community,” they reply, “No, we want to keep this special place a secret!”

Enjoy your weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing