Storms in YYC; Homeowner Maintenance
6 Aug 2015

Storms in YYC; Homeowner Maintenance

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

From a blistering 30 degrees to thunderstorm and tornado warnings, this summer Calgary has seen it all! After having two more big storms this week, we thought we’d check in with our Customer Response Team Representatives to find out which areas of your home could have been affected. Most importantly, before you start checking your home for any damage, make sure that the area is safe to do so. Hazards such as trees, branches and debris may have fallen during the storm. Once you’re sure the area is safe, start your home maintenance inspection!

“Inspect the shingles on the roof”

This can easily be an area that gets overlooked. With heavy winds and rain, you will make sure to check your roof for any shingles that could have been damaged or blown off during the storm.

“Your home’s exterior”

In unusual weather conditions, siding and other like materials may experience wind speeds that are beyond their design parameters. Check to see if any cladding or venting has become damaged from the wind.

“Check eavestroughs and downspouts”

These areas can get blocked by debris during the storm which can create blockage and stop water from properly draining. Your downspouts should ALWAYS be down to ensure that water is drained away from your homes foundation.

“Inspect basement for water issues”

If you don’t visit your basement frequently, now is a good time to go and have a look. Any water issue should be fairly evident.

“Check for soil settlement at foundation.”

If the grade and loam has been completed on your home, check for any settlement issues that may have resulted from heavy rain and winds and fix as necessary.

Remember that your home is an investment and that you definitely want to spend the time to keep that investment in great condition!

Have a good weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing