Step by Step Guide for Spring
19 Mar 2015

Step by Step Guide for Spring

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

We started our winter season in Calgary preparing for the worst. With warnings such as, “Expect the coldest winter ever!” no one could have predicted the great weather that we had. So with today marking the first official day of spring, let’s hope this weather is here to stay!

Even though it hasn’t been too cold, your home still goes through a lot during those winter months. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your home is always working efficiently. We suggest relying on a checklist to help perform a walkthrough of your home. The Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP) has great resources such as a “Suggested Home Maintenance Schedule” to help homeowners create that checklist. Here is what they recommend for the start of spring:

Check eavestroughs and downspouts. These areas can get blocked by leaves, ice and debris throughout the winter. You will want to clean them out to prevent blockage.

Inspect basement for water issues. If you don’t visit your basement frequently, now is a good time to go and have a look. Any water issue should be fairly evident.

Inspect the shingles on the roof. This can easily be an area that’s overlooked. Make sure to check your roof for any shingles that could have been damaged or blown off during the winter.

Check for soil settlement at foundation. If the grade and loam has been completed on your home, check for any settlement issues and fix as necessary.

Inspect driveways and walkways. Reference your warranty materials for more information.

Clean filters on central ventilation systems (HRV’s)

Clean intake vent screens

Replace CO and smoke detector batteries

Clean range hood filters

Remember that your home is an investment and that you definitely want to spend the time to keep that investment in great condition!

Have a great weekend!

Cedarglen Marketing