Spring DIY + Pinterest
28 Mar 2013

Spring DIY + Pinterest

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing Coordinator

­­As promised, I have a great spring DIY project to do this weekend between all the Easter activities. A while back in winter, I had posted some ideas on making a winter wreath for your front door. So now that spring is here, it’s about time to put away the christmasy wreaths and trade up for something bright and cheerful. I have pinned a number of ideas, from wreath design to decorating tips, onto the Spring DIY pinboard (click here to see it on Pinterest), so feel free to get inspired.

To start, I took a trip to the craft store to get some supplies. You will need the basics such as scissors, a hot glue gun, and a wreath form (Any shape, size, and material is fine). Then you need to decide what you want your wreath to look like and pick up the rest of your supplies. Since I could not decide, I got everything to make two wreaths. Now time to get crafting!


First, you want to cover your wreath form (unless you are using a wicker wreath). Here I used yarn, and wrapped it around the wreath form. Glue the end of the yarn to the back and start wrapping the yarn around. Every few times you want to make sure to squish the yarn towards the beginning so there are no gaps. Heads up: this takes a long time...well longer than I expected, although there was some cake taste-testing in the middle.


Once your wreath is covered, the decorating part begins. I made felt flowers, which are super simple to do. Cut a circle of felt, and cut the circle into a spiral. Wrap the spiral into a rose shape, gluing as you go. The wavier you make your spiral, the more “petals” your flower will have. I pinned a bunch of different felt flowers, so use your imagination and get creative. You could also use silk flowers for a realistic look.

I also found a cute ribbon wreath on Pinterest, so I thought I would try this at the same time. Using ribbon is much quicker than the yarn, but they both give very different looks. The yarn is more rustic while the ribbon is a little fancier. You start out the same way by gluing the end of your ribbon to the back of the wreath. Take your time wrapping the ribbon around, and glue every so often to make sure the ribbon stays tight to the wreath.


I decided to try and make paper flowers for this wreath (with the intention of putting it inside, since you never know what the weather will be like here). For these flowers, all you need is some wire, mini and regular size cupcake liners, hot glue gun, and needle nosed pliers (or just improvise if you don’t have any). Since I wanted my flower stems to be white, I also used thin ribbon. Cut a piece of wire and make a little ball at the end with the pliers. This will keep the “petals” on the stem. One at a time, poke the cupcake liner through the wire and move it to the end. After a few of the mini cupcake liners, move on to the regular sized ones. On the last one, put a bit of glue to keep them all in place. I wrapped my ribbon around the wire then for a finished look.


Once all your decorations are ready, arrange them on your wreath and glue them down when you are happy. I finished my yarn wreath with some ribbon to double as something to hang it from. Craft store and home improvement stores also have decorative metal wreath hangers to put on your door if you like; however a nail or hook will work just as well. Here are the finished products:


I would anticipate spending a couple hours at most on a single wreath, so it makes for a great way to spend the afternoon. Post your thoughts or questions below and make sure to check out the great ideas on Pinterst here.

- Ashley