Spec Homes vs Pre Sale Homes
24 Jul 2014

Spec Homes vs Pre Sale Homes

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

When building a new home with Cedarglen Homes, one of the first decisions that home buyers make is deciding on which community they want to build in. Once that tough decision is out of the way, they meet with the Area Sales Manager who helps determine which is the best type of sale for them by introducing them to spec homes and pre sale homes. For this week’s blog, we thought we’d take a look at each option to see which of these homes would work best for you.

In each of our communities we build “spec homes”. The concept of a spec home is that the Builder starts construction of the home before we have a buyer, knowing that it will sell at some point in the construction process. Our first step when building a spec home is choosing from one of our popular models and deciding on a lot. From there, one of our talented Design Consultants will then make all the exterior selections and determine which options are necessary for the home to sell. Once the selections are made and the plans are ready, we start construction of the home. Depending on the stage of construction that the spec home is sold a purchaser may still be able to make their interior selections to personalize their new home. Spec home possession dates can range anywhere from a few months to a few weeks away and provide the purchaser with an excellent solution to buying a new home in a shorter timeline. Click here to see some of our current available spec homes with quick possession dates.

A “pre sale home purchase” is when a purchaser starts the building process right from the beginning. They also meet with the Area Sales Manager to determine which of our models meets their needs and which lot they would like to build on. From there, they get to make the exterior and interior selections along with any changes that they would like. This administration process usually takes about 60 days. Once all of the decisions are complete then we will start construction of the new home. The construction process takes roughly six months, but can vary depending on the size of home they choose to build. Although this process is longer, in the end you’re moving into a home that was your vision from the start. Click here to see some of our home models.

Both spec homes and pre sale homes have advantages, it just a matter of deciding which meets your needs!

Have a good weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing