So you Want to Host a Christmas Party
26 Nov 2014

So you Want to Host a Christmas Party

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

They say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and I have to agree! I love the decorations, the music and even the Christmas TV specials. However, I think the best part of this holiday season is spending time with your family and friends. When it comes to hosting a Christmas party, this festive time of year can become a bit overwhelming with all the planning involved. So we thought that this week we’d take a look at some fun hosting themes that might help alleviate that stress!

The Ugly Sweater Party

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend an ugly sweater party, then you’re missing out! This is one holiday trend that has been around for a few years and keeps getting more creative with time. At an Ugly Sweater Party, guests are encouraged to wear their tackiest sweater to help spread holiday cheer. The sweater can be something old that you found in the back of your closet, something that you put together yourself with the help of some Dollar Store supplies, or even a professionally made ugly sweater that you can now find at the mall. With so many formal Christmas parties, how can you resist seeing some of your nearest and dearest dressed in their not-so-holiday best?

Cookie Exchange

The Christmas holiday is the perfect time to whip up some of your favorite baked goods. So it just makes sense for the new hosting trend of a Cookie Exchange get together! A cookie exchange is where each guest brings a dozen or so of their favorite family baked goods and exchanges cookies and recipes with the group. This sounds like a delicious party that I’d love to attend!

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are a Christmas classic but why not make the tradition more exciting by hosting a Gingerbread House Party! Each guest can contribute to the party by bringing different candy that can help decorate the gingerbread home (or village if you’re feeling ambitious!). It makes for a great activity to keep guest busy and entertained.

So no matter what the occasion for your festive holiday party, pick a theme and enjoy the holiday!

Have a good weekend,

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