She left her heart in the showhomes: An interview with Allison Harvie
11 Apr 2013

She left her heart in the showhomes: An interview with Allison Harvie

Here's a sneak peek at Allison's favorite showhome, opening this weekend at 187 Auburn Springs Blvd

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing Coordinator

This week I was lucky enough to sit down with our Sales and Marketing Manager, Allison Harvie, and get to know a bit more about her. Our department already knows she has a sweet tooth as we get regularly spoiled with jub-jubs and other sugary delights. But there is oh so much more to her, take a look:

Allison has worked for Cedarglen for over 15 years; she is the epitome of a hard worker and truly dedicated employee of Cedarglen. In 1995, Allison started as a Sales Associate in a showhome and quickly moved to Sales Representative. After two years, she moved up to Co-Area Sales Manager for the community of Prestwick, and from there becoming the Area Sales Manager for Cranston. In 2003, she moved into the office, working as Contract Manager, where she would review all the incoming new home sales contracts. Quickly moving to Sales Manager the next year, Allison stayed in this position until 2009, when she became Sales and Marketing Manager.

Having worked in virtually every sales position in the company, Allison brings her extensive experience and knowledge to her current role, and is continuously looking for ways to expand her knowledge. After completing her education in Criminology, Allison considered pursuing environmental sciences, but found that wasn’t a good fit. Since then, Allison has taken countless classes with the Professional Home Builders Association (PHBA), Adobe Creative Suite courses, and is currently looking forward to attending an Executive Marketing Program at Queens. As most people wonder, I asked Allison how she got from criminology to sales and marketing. Her explanation? Criminology helped her learn to deal with all types of people, and this skill has been a factor in her success.

Allison’s daily routine is pretty fast-paced. In January 2013, she took the Customer Relations team under her wing, and now works with dozens of people on a daily basis. This seemed like a natural extension of the sales team, Allison explained, as the focus of our CRRs is working with our customers and sales teams. Another task Allison takes on (which she considers very important) is allowing her employees to grow and be the best they can. She wants everyone to take classes to expand their knowledge, sign up for courses, and cross-train in different departments. One of the parts of her job Allison enjoys the most is getting to go out to the sales centres and experience life as a Sales Representative again; helping people create their dream homes is one of her favorite things. Sometime during all this, Allison finds time to run, one of her favorite activities, and her way of relaxing.

Now for the fun bits! Here are Allison’s answers to the Favorite Questions:

Favorite Showhome: Although this is cheating a bit, our upcoming Newbrook V showhome in Auburn Bay (Opening April 27) has to be her favorite; the decor and styling is just beautiful.

Favorite Sport: Running. Allison has two half marathons this year and is also competing in the Spartan challenge.

Favorite Weekend Activity: Spending time cooking with her son, Denver.

Favorite Restaurant: Mercato downtown. The atmosphere of the market and decor is just right.

Favorite part about working at Cedarglen: The people (this appears to be a trend) and the culture. Cedarglen has such a youthful culture that encourages everyone to be happy and healthy and think outside of the box.

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- Ashley