Patterns, Colors & High Gloss, Oh my! The Trends of 2014
16 Jan 2014

Patterns, Colors & High Gloss, Oh my! The Trends of 2014

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Click here to see more trends on our Pinterest page. Click here to see more trends on our Pinterest page.

This week, the Cedarglen Design Team was challenged with analyzing and predicting the upcoming design trends of 2014. Our Design Team has so much creativity and experience that in no time they each put together pages of what they most look forward to seeing this year. With so many inspiring ideas, we couldn’t help but want to share just a few of them with you!

All of our homeowners who build a home with Cedarglen Homes have a personal meeting with our Kitchen Designer, Ryan Christensen. One of the things he’s noticed within the past year is that the kitchen is an area that homeowners aren’t afraid to invest in, “Customers desired and demanded the most out of their cabinets in 2013 either through their form or function. 2014 will certainly continue this trend, and I look forward to approaching the challenge with a mind open to the opportunities the evolution of design has to offer.” With that in mind, here is a look at what Ryan is excepting to see this year;

Gloss cabinets

Contemporary Design - “I would like to see, in addition to the growing popularity of our grey finishes, the integration of high gloss as a complementary garnish to the primary maple or paintgrade cabinets. I think this would be an easy sell for the traditionally tougher sale that is high gloss: should we integrate the selection as upper cabinets, on either side of the hoodfan, or a row of stacked uppers, its accompaniment with an Ivory or Clay would prove eye appealing. This way we can approach contemporary design not shackled by the usual form versus function dichotomy, the former of the two usually proving the more important in modern design, but rather by tying the two together in attaining coherent functionality with a mixture of forms.”

Design Consultant, Sandi Fedorchuk, not only assists homeowners when making the interior selections at their Design Center appointments, but she also decorates our beautiful Cedarglen showhomes! As so many of our homeowners use these showhomes as examples when making their selections, Sandi always tries to stay ahead of the trends! What is a big trend that Sandi is expecting from 2014?

“2013 was the year of teal, bird prints and handmade, vintage looking pieces. 2014 is moving on from this warm, homey look to bright colors and bold designs.”


Pattern - “Patterns are going to make a huge comeback in 2014, while color blocking has been the favored way to add color to homes in 2013, pattern will be replacing it for 2014. To introduce patterns to a home we can use wallpaper in a foyer or bathroom room, draperies, and/or throw cushions. The trend will be to opt for patterns with bright colours and geometric shapes, vintage looking patterns or historic prints. Historic patterns are being recreated with the strongest new trend: a white background.”

Various ways we can add pattern to a home;
1. Vary the scale. Use a large-scale pattern in wallpaper, a medium scale on draperies and a small-scale pattern on cushions. Add a patterned carpet (Crestview foresees these as a trend).
2. Stick to one or two colours and coordinate them to create flow from room to room.
3. Have more fun and mix geometric patterns, paisley, damasks, and stripes by unifying with colour, we can stop being so matchy-matchy. The trend will be to clash your fabrics and stimulate the senses, this goes hand in hand with the bold color trend.

Amy Marchand, Design Consultant, helps our homeowners with their interior selections and also keeps our Cedarglen Pinterest page flowing with great ideas! With these sources right at her fingertips, here is a look at what she is most looking forward to this year;

Brass Elements

Gold plated/Brass finishes - A big source of ideas for people these days are Pinterest and Houzz. I use it, you probably use it, and your best friend probably uses it. There has been more and more talk recently of a bright brass and I am a huge fan. While it will have to take an open-minded and very forward thinking person to take this step, over the next year I think this will trickle in. If people aren’t daring to use it as a more “permanent” fixture to the house, furniture will be a common way to bring in this awesome eye-catching detail.

Design Consultant, Sandra Koberstein, has been with our Design Team since the very beginning. With plenty of experience and having seeing so many trends come and go, here is a look at what she’s looking forward to this year;

Pantone 2014

Radiant Orchid – Pantone Color Institute voted this fresh hue color of the year for 2014! Best described as “enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones”, this color is expected to have a big impact on design this year. Radiant Orchid it said to inspires confidence and emanates joy, love and health. If so, this is color that I definitely want to have in my home!

With so many creative ideas to look forward to in 2014, I for one will be getting a head start and doing some home decorating!

Enjoy the weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing