Our Virtual Showhome Just Got Better
9 Mar 2017

Our Virtual Showhome Just Got Better

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Last year we announced that Cedarglen Homes had partnered with Perimeter 9 to develop an exciting software application that allowed you to view our Feature Models - whenever and wherever. This app takes the 2D architectural plan and turns it into a living space, conveniently providing you with the opportunity to walk through your new home from anywhere. The living space is created from a spherical rendering, which is made up of 6 rendered images that are put together to form one continuous 360 degree image. So what has changed since we first unveiled the app last year? Well…lots!

It’s amazing how quickly technology evolves and our team has been working hard to make sure we change along with it. First off, we have more feature models to explore. The Cedarglen Homes Feature Models V2 app now offers seven models; Coronation, Huxley 3, Springbrook, Cayley, Macleod, Duchess and Wembley. Each models in the app showcases an elevation, floor plans and a 360 degree tour of the main floor, bonus room, master bedroom and ensuite. Two of the models, the Coronation and the Macleod, also offer a 360 degree viewer. This feature can be enjoyed through a Virtual Reality Viewer. Just look through the viewer and immerse yourself in the home. Another new addition to the app is the sharing feature. With one quick click you can now share your favorite models on social media. Lastly, but one of the most important pieces, are the images themselves. These rendering have also come a long way since the beginning of 2016. From folded towels to artwork, it’s all those little details that make the space feel real.

The Cedarglen Homes Feature Models V2 app can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This is an incredibly useful tool for anyone having a hard time visualizing a home from a set of house plans… which let’s admit can be difficult. So start downloading and enjoy the tour!

Have a great weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing