Meet Our Estimating Team
26 Nov 2014

Meet Our Estimating Team

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Although they may be behind the scenes, our team of Estimators have a vital role at Cedarglen Homes. This department looks after reviewing and communicating specific job information to our trades and suppliers, they calculate and manage job costs, review and critique vendor project bids as well as researching cutting edge products and programs. We have a group of four skilled employees who take on this challenge for Cedarglen Homes. So for this week’s blog we thought we’d introduce you to our amazing team of Estimators.

With over almost 9 years of experience at Cedarglen Homes, Jay is a constant source of knowledge for anyone with a wide range of questions! Jay had been working in construction on the Natural Gas Pipelines in southern Alberta when he was approached by Cedarglen Homes. Jay says he was exited to take the opportunity to work for Cedarglen homes because it allowed him to be closer to his family and friends. Since starting his Cedarglen Homes career, Jay has worked as a Labourer, Liaison and an Estimator. “My favorite aspect of my job is all the random problem solving I get to do related to new home construction. No day is ever the same because I am constantly working on custom plans or custom requests from our customers.” When Jay isn’t busy problem solving he likes to spend his time keeping active by either playing sports or working out. As a recent home buyer, he says that home maintenance has now become his main source of physical activity and with this colder weather Jay also enjoys doing as little as possible and prefers to cuddle up to crush some video games!

Anyone who knows our Estimator, Carolyn, knows that she brings a ton of positivity and some delicious baked goods to the Estimating team and the office! She came to Cedarglen Homes when she was right out of University with a Master of Arts in Psychology at Mount Allison University. Carolyn says, “It’s funny how you can vary so much from your degree and end up finding a good fit!” She heard about the job opening in the Estimating Department through a string of friends and has been a part of the team ever since. What does Carolyn enjoy most about being an estimator? “It’s the interaction and the problem solving with the rest of the estimating team and our various trades and suppliers. We’re surrounded by great people and it makes the job enjoyable.” When Carolyn isn’t working, she likes to spend her time in her kitchen baking cakes (something that we are all thankful for!).

When Corey injured his knee last year, it ended up opening a door for him in the Estimating department. To really understand, let’s first take a look at how Corey got his start at Cedarglen Homes.

After navigating through a plumbing apprenticeship at SAIT, receiving journeyman tickets in both Plumbing and “B” class Gasfitting, starting in the Insurance Diploma Program at Mt Royal and then going on to start his own plumbing business (he was busy), Corey eventually found his way to Cedarglen Homes. Corey says, “My opportunity at Cedarglen presented itself through my younger (and far less handsome) brother Adam, who was already a member of the Production team at the time. My journeyman tickets were an appealing prospect in Teresa’s eyes so, naturally, I began in the Production Department as a painter.” Since being hired as a painter, Corey has worked on the Pre-occ team and as a Stage 2 and 3 Site Supervisor. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned knee injury, Corey needed to make a change and moved into the office as a part of the Estimating team. Although it’s been a change for Corey he says, “My favourite part of the role would probably be taking the practical experience I’ve acquired over the years, and applying it to a totally different aspect of the homebuilding process. Estimating presents a brand new set of challenges and responsibilities, which has helped to broaden my knowledge base, and given me a much better appreciation of the bigger picture.” It’s an added bonus that our Cedarglen office has gained an onsite handyman! When Corey’s not working he is spending his time learning to be a dad to his beautiful baby girl, something that he finds can be a challenging role but finds that there is nothing more rewarding than watching his daughter grow and change. He also likes to find time to watch entirely too many sporting events and according to Corey, the ultimate timesink: gaming.

Our most resent member of the Estimating team, Stevyn, has a sense of humour that keeps the team laughing. He came to Cedarglen Homes with plenty of industry experience. He’s worked with interior glass, glass reinforced concrete and painting. Stevyn says “Having attained experience with interior finishing, I was keen to further my knowledge of other construction processes”. Since starting at Cedarglen Homes, Stevyn says that what he’s enjoyed most about being a part of the estimating team is the problem solving, the team work and the pot luck lunches. That’s right, once a month the team has a themed pot luck lunch! When Stevyn isn’t working, he likes to spend his time playing team sports, rocking out in bands, cooking, drinking wine and fashion.

Together these four individuals make up our excellent Estimating Team!

Have a good weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing