Mechanical Inspection
8 Jun 2012

Mechanical Inspection

Matt Neufeld

In this post we will be following-up on the rough-in trades’ completed work on the interior of the home as discussed in our Groundworks and Framing Inspection blog. Cedarglen performs a mechanical inspection in the home that is a step above common practice. Cedarglen Site Supervisors spend on average two days in each home in order to complete the rough-in inspection of the home, pass The City of Calgary pre-board phase inspection, and be completely prepared for insulation and drywall initiation.

Cedarglen will first inspect all the rough-in trades including; plumbing and gas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical, low voltage and “vacuflo”. Each trade must install their respective components as per Alberta Building Code as well as exactly as per the customer’s building plan. The rough-in trades have a respective order that is designed to allow each trade to meet code and building plan without disturbing the others. The trades also rely on each other to complete certain aspects of their work. For example, an electrician requires the HVAC technician to install the bathroom fan so the electrician can wire in a switch for the fan.

The Cedarglen Site Supervisor performs a final inspection after all the rough-in trades have completed their work. During that inspection they will ensure each of the trades has fulfilled their respective scope of work and at the same time Cedarglen Site Supervisors also perform various carpentry duties in each home. These duties include actual carpenter tasks such as setting doors, framing around ensuite tubs and fireplaces. At this stage at Cedarglen, we go beyond common practice and go through the entire skeleton of the home adding structural support, backing and performing tasks that have been added to the process to alleviate future potential issues for trades in the following stages of house. For example, when second storey hallways were found to have a greater chance of floor squeaks, Cedarglen Site Supervisors added a process of screwing down interior walls and railing walls to the stairs. Positive steps towards a better build are more easily accommodated through this inspection.

After our inspection is complete, we will call for The City of Calgary pre-board phase inspection. The City inspectors do a final review of the work completed by the rough-in trades and framers to ensure all work has been completed as per code and city regulations. The City of Calgary uses four educated professionals to perform the pre-board phase inspection. These respectively are Plumbing and Gas Inspectors, Electrical Inspectors, HVAC Inspectors, and Building Inspectors. All inspections must pass with zero deficiencies in order to proceed with the building of your home.

The mechanical inspection is vital in Cedarglen’s home build because it offers an in-depth look at the ‘skeleton’ of the home. A good mechanical inspection ensures a better quality build, a more efficient build and a more economical build for all following trades and ultimately for our customer.