Let There Be Light – Caséta by Lutron

Let There Be Light - Caséta by Lutron



The year is 2018 and while the world still has not quite mastered time travel or invisibility suits, we have figured out a way for you to leave the house without having to remember if you turned all the lights off first. Rest easy knowing that the future is now, and Caséta by Lutron is here to make your life easier around the house.

If you have had a chance to view our showhomes in The Parks of Harvest Hills, then you have most likely noticed our sleek looking dimmer switches found throughout the house.



Photo courtesy of Caséta by Lutron.

These discreet control panels are just the beginning of a fully integrated smart lighting control system that you can have in your new home. Easily control the lighting in whichever way makes sense for you at that moment in time – wall dimmers, a Pico wireless remote, the mobile app or voice assistants such as the Google Home Assistant, Alexa or Siri. Using these functions, you can now set the mood for games night with friends, or a date night with your significant other by easily controlling the lighting scenes throughout your home with predetermined settings. Smart Away technology will work closely with the Nest Cam to turn your lights on and off while you are away travelling to make it appear as if someone is home to help avoid any potential break-ins. Caséta also works seamlessly with the Nest monitoring systems, which help ensure ultimate protection for your family whenever possible. Don’t believe us? Imagine this – when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected by the Nest Protect alarm, all your lights will automatically turn on to alert you and help you find your way to safety. With the recent increase in house fires throughout Alberta this is a feature that would help you rest easy at night knowing your home is working for you.

If the convenience of the Caséta control system is not quite enough to win you over, consider the potential energy savings you could experience by utilizing dimmer switches, occupancy sensors and whole home light control systems. For guaranteed savings, Lutron eco-dim® solutions automatically reduce your energy by a minimum of 15%.



Photo courtesy of Lutron.

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why incorporating the Caséta Smart Lighting Control System would be a worthy investment in your new home. Talk to our area sales manager for The Parks of Harvest Hills, Mike Dwyer, to see about installing this system in your new home.

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