Landscaping Logistics: Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty
2 Nov 2012

Landscaping Logistics: Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing Coordinator

That time of year is finally upon us. Gone are the sunny early mornings (sadly), as well as the blisters and uneven sunburns (thankfully). Landscaping for the 2012 season officially ended on October 22, when the last piece of sod was laid down at its new home. To employees that have worked here for years, this has become a routine for them during summer months. However, as this was my first sodding experience, I was very surprised by a few things. The first thing to gain my attention was the coordination of Teresa Del Frari, our Productions and Systems Manager. She kept watch over each neigborhood to see when landscaping could begin there, and how many homes would be completed that week, all while having to deal with changing weather conditions (rain, heat, snow!). Teresa also had the task of ensuring there were enough bodies to lay the sod, plant the trees and shrubs, and do the cleanup. Lastly, she feeds us all, which is a feat in itself. She needs a well deserved thank-you!

The second thing that surprised me was how dedicated my coworkers are to this initiative. Arriving early, staying late; you name it and someone was always lending an extra hand where it was needed. This wasn't without reward however, as the Chairman of Cedarglen Homes, Scott Haggins, made us a pancake breakfast one morning that I'm sure no one will forget. From the 35 degree heat to the snowy windstorm of recent, our staff kept on track without even a complaint. Everyone in the office, in the showhomes, and even those in the field contributed their part to make this landscaping season such a success, big thank you to everyone!

Now for the exciting stuff, the numbers:

  • In 2010, we landscaped 178 homes
  • In 2011, we landscaped 188 homes
  • In 2012, we beat the 200 mark with 209 homes
  • In 2011, we landscaped 322,000 square feet of yards in our communities
  • In 2012, we landscaped 427,000 square feet of yards, that's more than 7 and a half NFL Football fields!!

That totals up to nearly 600 homes in just three years! I don't know if we have any forecasts of what next year holds, but I am hoping to break the 250-house mark. What are you thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!