Landscaping 2014
31 Oct 2014

Landscaping 2014

By Whitney Chan, Customer Response Team Representative

As always, we hope for an early start to the landscaping season. However, due to the long and cold winter the frost in the ground was as deep as five feet. This delayed the start of our 2014 landscaping season until July.

Our goal this year was to complete 149 houses. Excitement was in the air, as all Cedarglen employees dressed in our bright pink and yellow gear were ready to take on the challenge! July was a great month as we were able to take full advantage of the hot weather. However, August and the beginning of September were daunting as we encountered a major obstacle; road paving. The developer was paving the roads and that left us with lots ready to sod but with no access. Along with paving, we also had long days of rain as well as scheduling issues. With only one month left before the snow starts to fall, we knew we had to work as hard as we could to complete the remainder of the homes. Between the end of September and middle of October, we were able to complete 65% of the remaining houses in the 2014 landscaping season. We are taking advantage of the weather and trying to complete landscaping service before the snow arrives.

144 houses, 306 pallets, and a total of 214,326 square feet later our landscaping season will be coming to an end. It truly is bittersweet, but none of this would have been possible without the hard work from Cedarglen staff (office and field) and our trade/suppliers. Most importantly thank you to all of our homeowners, who have waited patiently for their yards to be completed.

With such a successful landscaping season coming to an end, I am really looking forward to 2015 and what it has to bring. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Mother Nature will be nice to us this winter!

Have a good weekend!