Home Orientation and Possession
9 Aug 2012

Home Orientation and Possession

Tim Dubiel

We are now at the stage where you will get to see your finished home. All the selections you made including the cabinets, rail, colours, lights, etc, have all come to life to produce the final product.

At the home orientation, we will walk through the home with you and review all the features of your home. We will start in the ensuite and make sure all toilets flush, sinks drain and showers work properly. We have you test everything as well, and if we find any issues we will address these by adding them to the home orientation action item list. We will continue through your home with this same process of identifying and testing all the functional items of your home. We highlight a few very important items, like your heating system and we state how important this system is to a healthy home and go over all the details very carefully. We review all the items that were previously tagged in your basement and we will also do an exterior inspection of all your architectural requirements to ensure that it matches your plans. We usually end up in the kitchen for a review of your kitchen cabinets and appliances and at that time we will answer any questions and finalize the list of outstanding items that need to be addressed before you take possession of your home.

Over the days from home orientation to the possession meeting, Cedarglen will follow up with all the trades to eliminate the outstanding items identified at home orientation. The remainder of the appliances are delivered, installed and ready for use. All the final touches are completed and Cedarglen’s clean team will also come in one last time and make sure your home is tidy before you move in.

The next step is the possession meeting. We meet back at your home with your customer liaison on the day of possession. We will review all the outstanding items identified from the home orientation and make sure they have been addressed. The liaison will then go over all the paper work to finalize the sale of your home. The production team will also schedule a follow up 60-day inspection to ensure all warranty items are addressed. The final exciting step is to change the locks on all your exterior doors and hand you the keys to your NEW HOME!