Going Green in Calgary
13 Jul 2017

Going Green in Calgary

Going green and saving energy is no longer a trend but has become a new way of life. So when the City of Calgary introduced a new program that is estimated to decrease over 85 million kilograms of food and yard waste out of our landfills every year… we said let’s do it!

This summer, the City of Calgary is rolling out the Green Cart program. This easy and convenient program will allow you to decrease your garbage by disposing all your food and yard waste in your new green carts. Instead of sitting in a landfill, it will be turned into nutrient-rich compost at the City’s new indoor composting facility. It will also help protect our land, air and water resources.

To get you started, green carts, along with a few other starter items, will be delivered to single family homes by quadrant and will include:

  • Green cart - the same size as the blue and black cart
  • Kitchen pail - to collect food scraps
  • Starter supply of compostable bags - to line the kitchen pail
  • Starter supply of paper yard waste bags - for yard waste that doesn't fit inside the green cart
  • Instruction guide and collection schedule

Click here to find out when green carts will be delivered to your community.

Once the new program is rolled out in your quadrant, green and blue carts will be collected weekly and black carts will be collected bi-weekly. The savings attained by changing black cart collection to every two weeks will be invested into the Green Cart program to reduce the monthly rate for collection. Starting in January 2018, households will pay $6.50/month, which will be reflected on your property taxes.

While you wait for your green cart to arrive, we suggest that you click here to download a list of Green Cart acceptable materials. The City of Calgary also offers a search tool What Goes Where to look up whether an item can be composted.

Have a great weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing