Get to Know our Customer Response Team Representatives
4 Sep 2014

Get to Know our Customer Response Team Representatives

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

At Cedarglen Homes we believe that customer service isn’t left to just one department but should be a priority for the whole company. Last month we featured a blog on our Customer Relations Representatives and their role at Cedarglen Homes. This month we thought we’d take a look at another essential department that makes up Cedarglen Homes. Say hello to our Customer Response Team Representative (CRTR for short)! During the construction process, the CRTR’s are always a quick phone call away. If a homeowner has any questions or concerns, the CRTR’s are there to give them an answer or direct them to the appropriate person. They are not only the homeowner’s primary contact during the construction process but all throughout the warranty period as well. They arrange service calls and follow-up on completed work to ensure our homeowners are happy. Let’s take a look at the incredible people who make up the CRTR team.

When you call Cedarglen Homes, you’re often greeted by the friendly voice of Janet. Having worked with the company for almost 11 years, Janet has become an expert on everything Cedarglen Homes! Janet had the opportunity to get to know Cedarglen Homes while working with one of our previous suppliers. When she decided that she was ready to take on a new challenge, one of our managers asked her to join the Cedarglen team. Anyone that has worked with Janet knows that she’s incredible with customers. That impressive skill set has been an asset in each of her roles at Cedarglen Homes. Janet was first hired as part of the Sales Department and in 2005 she moved over into a Liaison role where she continued working with our homeowners. She has now spent the last two years at reception and as a part of the CRTR team. Janet says that her favorite part about being a CRTR is that she loves dealing with homeowners (and it shows!). When she’s not at work, Janet likes to spend as much time as she can with her three, soon to be four, grand children!

When it comes to the construction industry, Matt McGill knows it all! Having worked with Cedarglen Homes for 16 years, he’s had the opportunity to learn every aspect of the company. Matt started his career at Cedarglen Homes as a laborer and has kept taking on new challenges ever since. He worked his way through Construction/Service Technician, On-site Supervisor for stages 1, 2, 3 and seasonal, Auburn Bay Team Leader and Customer Liaison. He’s now joined the CRTR team where Matt says, “My goal is to bring my on-site experience to the CRTR’s and to the customer to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible”, and as a Journeyman Carpenter he sure brings a lot to the department! “My favorite part of being a CRTR is taking a really difficult or challenging situation to a successful conclusion for both the customer and Cedarglen Homes resulting in mutually beneficial relationships.” When Matt isn’t helping out our customers he likes to spend his time playing basketball, golfing, doing yoga, reading or walking his dogs.

Anyone that has been to the Cedarglen Homes office has heard the incredible laugh of Whitney! Originally referred to Cedarglen Homes by one of our Site Supervisors, Whitney was hired on as a Liaison. Since then, she’s worked as a Customer Relations Representative and now as a CRTR. Having studied Business Management, Whitney’s great at handling any type of situation and brings a lot of entertainment to the role as well! Her favorite part of being a CRTR is helping resolve customers concerns and the great team of people that she gets to works with along the way. Whitney loves to keep things interesting which is why she enjoys travelling and challenging herself (she recently completed the Spartan Race) or just spending a cozy night in with her two dogs.

Each CRTR brings something different and exciting to the role but the one thing that they all have in common is their drive to make our homeowners happy!

Have a good weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing