Fireplace Options; Standard, Clean Face and Clean View
17 Jul 2014

Fireplace Options; Standard, Clean Face and Clean View

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

At Cedarglen Homes, a fireplace comes standard in each of our models. Not only does this add value into your home but creates that wonderful homey look as well! Now, when it comes to selecting your fireplace, there are plenty of options to choose from and plenty of decisions to make. Most people are ready for the common selections such as fireplace detail (columns or no columns, hearth or no hearth), fireplace cladding (tile or stone) or whether they want the mantel to be stained maple or paint grade. In general our standard fireplace box is the most popular choice but many people don’t realize that the options don’t stop there! At Cedarglen Homes, we offer three different options for finishing the cladding around that fireplace glass. Since this could get a little confusing, for this week’s blog we thought we would have a look at the three options with some help from photos!

Fireplace Comparison _ 1. Story

In each of the three details the same standard fireplace box is installed. What changes the detail is how the cladding is installed around that fireplace box. For all three of these details the cladding can be either tile or stone.


The first detail is Standard Louver, which is what we offer standard with our fireplace. This option includes louvered grills that are found over and under the fireplace viewing glass. The fireplace cladding is then finished around those details. This detail is considered to have a more traditional look.

Clean Face

Our next detail is Clean Face, which is a slight upgrade. To achieve this look, the louvered grills found on our Standard Louvered detail are removed and replaced with flat panels. With this adjustment we can now install the fireplace cladding right up to the thin frame found around the fireplace box. The photo above shows the cladding and a thin black frame around the viewing glass which give a more transitional or modern look.

Clean View

Clean View is another detail option available with an upgrade charge. What makes Clean View different from Clean Face is rather then have the cladding stop at the frame around the viewing glass, the cladding now gets installed right up to the glass viewing area. The photo above is a great example of the clean look as all you see is the cladding and glass viewing area, which again projects a more modern look.

So whether you’re looking for traditional, modern or a mix between the two, we are sure to have a detail that’s right for you!

Have a good weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing