F.A.Q.; What our Homeowners Want to Know About Landscaping
21 May 2015

F.A.Q.; What our Homeowners Want to Know About Landscaping

By the Customer Response Team Representatives

We can feel the positive energy in the air as this past week we have begun our 2015 landscaping season in Cranston. The challenges we had this year with Mother Nature differed from previous years. We had a mild winter and earlier spring. Although it seemed like we could have started in April of this year we chose to start on May 15th to ensure the frost was completely out of the ground before we started any landscaping activities.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about landscaping.

Q: When are you going to start landscaping my home?

A: When all the driveways and the final grading are completed, we then have a general idea of when the landscaping will take place. We then start to schedule each block in succession. Our customers will receive an email update as the scheduled landscape activities get closer. This helps to ensure that our customers are home to water their grass and not on holidays.

Q: Can we complete a deck and other landscaping on our own prior to the completion of Cedarglen’s landscaping?

A: Please do not install or build anything in your yard until we have completed our portion of the landscaping. We may need to use backyards in order to access other backyards and building anything in the way may cause unnecessary delays in landscaping completion. The final grade needs to be completed, surveyed and approved prior to us laying sod. If you build something prior to the completion of our landscaping it may be at the wrong height and need to be removed. To avoid unnecessary costs please wait until we have completed our portion before beginning any work on your yard.

Q: How do I take care of my yard once complete?

A: We will be including care and maintenance instructions with the email updates along with dropping off a hard copy on your doorstep just prior to installation.

Stay tuned as we will be providing regular updates.

Have a good weekend,

Cedarglen Homes