Do You Need a Realtor?

Discover Whether Or Not You Need a Realtor When Building a New Home

A real estate agent, or realtor, serves as a licensed professional who organizes real estate transactions between buyers and sellers. They are in charge of a variety of important tasks including locating properties that will be a good fit, submitting bids and negotiating a deal, providing information on the inspection process of a home, and facilitating all required paperwork and legalities.


Buying a new home from a reputable homebuilder is unique in the sense that the buyer does not require a realtor to assist them in the transaction, as all of the above tasks become the role of the homebuilder. Not only will the Sales Team help the homebuyer identify which model is right for them, but they will walk them through the homebuilding process and facilitate all of the necessary documentation that is required.

Nevertheless, realtors will often still bring their clients to see the homes that a homebuilder offers as they can appreciate the benefits of buying a brand-new home. In these instances, the role of the realtor becomes less about facilitating the sale of the home, and more about referring their client to the homebuilder and introducing them to these options. For that reason, homebuilders will pay the realtor a referral fee for bringing in new business, which results in a mutually beneficial relationship between both parties.

At Cedarglen Homes, we welcome all realtors to bring their clients in to view our showhomes and see if a new build is the right option for them. All that we ask, is that they register their clients at their first visit to the showhomes, and that the presence of a realtor is identified at the beginning of any conversations with our Sales Team. We then offer a commission to the realtor as a thank you for bringing in their referral – see one of our Area Sales Managers for complete details on commission structure as it may vary by community.­ Other benefits to a realtor for bringing their clients to Cedarglen Homes includes enrollment in Alberta New Home Warranty Program, the option of quick possession homes or pre-built homes, and the ability for homebuyers to personalize their home to suit their needs.


For those looking to sell their current home, Cedarglen Homes is pleased to introduce our preferred realtor – Jenna Drummond with R­oyal LePage Benchmark here in Calgary, Alberta.  Jenna is a fantastic realtor with a strong understanding of the Calgary real estate market and a keen eye for detail. Jenna has designed a fantastic offer to help ensure your home is sold by the time you need to move in while receiving a discount on listing fees. For complete details on this incredible offer, please contact Jenna directly.

Jenna Drummond, REALTOR®
Royal LePage Benchmark
#110, 7220 Fisher Street SE, Calgary AB T2H2H8

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