Dean Satink, Renovations Extraordinaire
16 Nov 2012

Dean Satink, Renovations Extraordinaire

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing Coordinator

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Dean Satink, the Renovations Manager for Cedarglen Urban Renovations. Dean has an interesting story here at Cedarglen, having left and returned again.

Back in 1996, Dean started as a Site Supervisor In-Training, mentored by Stan Schultz, who can still be seen in the office today. At this position, Dean got to learn the responsibility of a Site Super (as we call them) and stayed with Cedarglen until 2001, when he went to “see if the grass was really greener on the other side”. After two years of doing renovations and other construction work, Dean came back to Cedarglen as a Site Super, where he stayed until 2006. When asked why he came back, Dean simply said he now knew what he wanted to do. Dean then moved up to Stage II Production Supervisor, where he was responsible for all the supervisors, framers, and other workers. In the construction of a home, Stage II is from Framing to Insulation, and Dean coordinated all of the trades in-between. Lastly, in 2011 when the Renovations Department was being developed, Dean applied for the role of Renovations Manager, and this is now where he is today.

The past work experience Dean possesses gives him a leg up as Renovations Manager. Having over 15 years of construction experience and many years of doing renovations on the side, Dean naturally is the perfect fit. In addition, his previous work in framing helps him when he goes into a renovation consultation. His past knowledge allows him to look at the current structural state of a house and determine potential issues. On the education side, Dean took Building Development Technology at SAIT in 1993, and also countless courses with PHBIA, the Professional Home Builders Institute of Alberta. Needless to say, if you have a construction question, Dean probably has the answer!

As Renovations Manager, Dean’s day is spent doing anything and everything. He does frequent visits to jobs in progress, meets with customers, works with the tradespeople, and has even been known grab his tools and help with the demolition. Having worked with Dean for two months, I can tell you how committed he is to his work and providing our customers with the best experience. He is attached to his phone, as so many people rely on Dean to get the job done. But also like Howard, our President, Dean makes time in the day to make it out to the gym; and all of this with a smile on his face.

Now for the fun facts:

Favorite place in Calgary: The Rocky Mountains (well I guess that’s a little outside, but it still counts)

Favorite space to do a Renovation on: Any space. Everyone has such different ideas of what they would like, so all parts of the house are great.

Favorite activity in his spare time: Anything with his two sons, including but not limited to snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX biking, hiking, camping, tae kwon do, and skating.

Favorite thing about working at Cedarglen: All of it! The flexibility, the perks, and the staff of course.

Questions or comments? Let me know below! - Ashley