Choosing Your Exterior Coat
26 Nov 2015

Choosing Your Exterior Coat

By Carolyn Cutting, Estimator

The exterior of your home is not only important because of the look it gives your home but it is also your homes’ final protective layer to the outside elements. When buying a home with Cedarglen Homes, you have the possibility of three different exterior coats: Vinyl Siding, Fiber Cement and Stucco.


Vinyl Siding is often the number one choice of exterior cladding across North America. When it comes to appearance, the panels are a solid colour throughout which means it won’t chip or peel. It is extremely durable and is tested to hold up to almost any weather. It meets or exceeds ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) standards for wind load, impact resistance and more. From a long term standpoint it has a nail hem and locking system which creates a tight secure installation while the weep holes allow for the moisture to escape. This means your vinyl siding will remain mold and mildew free. Out of all the exteriors siding, it is also said to have a lower overall environmental impact with the scrap bits being able to be recycled. Vinyl siding is also a popular choice due to its economic pricing.


Fiber Cement is another option that is quickly growing in popularity. It is an incredibly durable product and has been tested against 8 climate variables that are known for causing long term damage. Those variables are: temperature range, UV, humidity, rainfall, snow, hail, hurricane and topographical factors. In addition to durability against an array of climatic variables, Fiber Cement is rated as flame resistant, fade resistant and termite and pest resistant. There is a wide array of colour choices and the colour is applied in consistent coated and then baked on to the side of the house. The ColorPlus Technology finish helps keep this product vibrant and without fading and is backed by a 15 year warranty against peeling, cracking or chipping. As this product comes with advantages, it also comes at a higher price point, but there is definitely a reason that it's becoming more and more common!


Finally we offer stucco finishes for the exterior of your home. Stucco has attractive qualities that include it being a relatively low maintenance exterior finish. Also for being so low maintenance it is incredibly durable against different climatic variables. Some positives regarding stucco that are unique to this exterior finish are its fire rating and its insulation factor. Stucco is said to offer a 1 hour fire rating to your home. On top of that is has also been noted that stucco can add to the insulation of your home which is great for winters in Canada! The finish of stucco also provides more options as you can have the stucco applied in a range of styles from a smooth finish to a more textured finished which gives each product its own unique look. This application process separates stucco from the former two exterior sidings. Using stucco on your home will also cost more than vinyl siding but has it's own set of great advantages.

All three exterior finishes have their own unique qualities about them and all are proven to be durable against various climates and have shown to hold up in the long term. It all comes down to your personal preference and exterior appearance. You can view all three finishes on various Cedarglen built homes.

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