Cedarglen Volunteer Power
28 Jun 2013

Cedarglen Volunteer Power

By Ashley Simpson, Marketing Coordinator

Since posting last week’s blog, the city has been turned upside-down. When our staff and site workers headed home last Thursday, we had every intention of heading back to work the next morning. However, that was sidelined upon waking up Friday morning. On Monday, we returned to the office. Plans were already in place to get our three sump pumps out to anyone at Cedarglen in need. By Tuesday morning, we were out pumping out flooded basements. As this first week since the flood comes to an end, I am astonished by the kindness, support, and help our employees have offered up. I have already heard many stories of generosity and compassion and I am sure there will be lots more to come. Here a few:

Kevin, Mike, Jamie, Russell, Derek, Adam, Scott, Jonas, Omar, Josh, Tom, Matt and many more of our Site Supervisors have been out all week helping. Their expertise has allowed them to be a great help to those with damaged homes. One group managed to take more than five loads of garbage to the local dump site, as well as dozens of appliances. Our teams have also been helping homeowners empty out their wet drywall and carpet, as well as demo a few bathrooms and basements. Thank you so much guys, keep up the amazing work!



Sandi, Design Consultant:

This year, Cedarglen Homes has been working closely with the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter (check out our previous post here). A few weeks ago, our design consultant Sandi had set up a meeting with one of the ladies from CWES to visit our warehouse, where we keep everything from our showhomes. When Monday morning rolled around, we did not expect that morning’s meeting to go ahead as planned. The Women’s shelter had been evacuated and the safety of its staff and shelter residents was more important now than ever before. Despite this hurdle, CWES headed over to our warehouse. After looking through our inventory of interior decoration goodies, CWES picked out 20 sets of bedding, bathroom mats, towels, and other linens. For the kitchen, we sent them off with dishes and plates. Lastly, some decoration to liven up their rooms: greenery, flowers, artwork and prints. We have also donated some paint to brighten up their spaces. These little items can really help make a newcomer feel more at home and comfortable. Next week Sandi is going out to help hang the artwork and do some redecorating at the shelter. We are so thankful for Sandi’s dedicated efforts to support the Emergency Shelter during this exceptionally difficult time. The staff and residents at CWES were allowed back into their building this week, which was spared from water damage. Nonetheless, this small act of kindness will hopefully brighten the lives of those who already have so much to deal with. Thank you Sandi!

Mike, Area Sales Manager for Auburn Bay:

Over the weekend, our Area Sales Manager for Auburn Bay, Mike, was approached by one of our customers living in the area. They explained there was a family in High River that had just lost everything in the flood, and were looking for help. Well known in the community, Mike generously opened his doors (literally, his garage door!) to the community. People throughout the area rallied together to provide this High River family with all the necessities, as well as furniture and clothing. A trailer came and loaded it up and brought it out to the very thankful family. Thanks so much Mike for helping out your community and those around you.

Cool Cedarglen Gloves!

Omar and Josh

I will be updating this as more stories come in, check back for more next week! Once again, thank you to all of our volunteers and all the volunteers from around the city and province that have come together to help bring Calgary back to life.

- Ashley