Cedarglen Landscaping Package
6 Jun 2013

Cedarglen Landscaping Package

Depending on what stage you are in purchasing your home with Cedarglen, your Area Sales Manager should have discussed the Cedarglen Landscaping Package with you. Landscaping is a very unpredictable process. The weather influences every aspect of our landscaping process, therefore affecting it every step of the way. This is crucial to remember, as every schedule is weather-permitting. With this information, go forth and read everything you need to know about the Cedarglen Landscape Package:

Step 1: Driveways – The first step in our landscaping process is pouring your driveway. Typically this begins with the removal of the temporary driveway (day 1). Next, the driveway is cribbed (day 2) and finally, the concrete is poured. This final step may take place the same day as cribbing, or a day or two later, depending on cribbing schedule.

Step 2: Grade and Loam – Rough grading consists of a putting down a layer of clay. Next, approximately four inches of loam bring your yard up to grade. The yard is then surveyed to meet with city standards. Once the grade is approved, Cedarglen receives an As Constructed Grade Certificate. This ensures there is positive drainage directing water away from the house and that all grades have been approved by the City of Calgary.

Step 3: Fencing – Depending on the area you live in, fencing may or may not be offered in your Cedarglen Landscaping Package. If it is, the fencing process begins with the installation of fence posts. Once the posts are in, pickets will follow to complete the fence.

Step 4: Sodding – Sodding is the final step in our landscaping process. The information you received at your construction start meeting and warranty meeting is again dropped off at your front door. A reminder email is also sent out. This information has quick tips on how to care for your landscaping. Sod is delivered to the area and laid out by our landscaping team. It is then rolled, and immediately watered. After this, your sod needs to be maintained by you as per the handout.

Cedarglen uses a concerted effort to maximize efficiency by working on as many houses together as possible. This means we develop landscaping groups of 10 to 15 homes based on proximity. From there, email updates will be sent out. These updates will contain both general and specific information, depending on what stage of landscaping your home is at. As dates near, you will receive more frequent updates. Here are some of the questions we get asked most often:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is my landscaping being completed? Our landscaping begins when the frost is out of the ground. This is usually in the middle of spring. Once the loam pile has thawed, we can access and begin the process.

2. Can I pick the type of tree or shrubs and can I decide the location they are planted? In order for Cedarglen to offer this landscaping package, many items are pre-determined and cannot be changed. The location and type of trees and shrubs are two of those items. Also, the developer has created a residential streetscape program approved by the city that Cedarglen Homes must follow. However, you have the following options to make changes:

a. If you would like a different location within your yard for the shrubs, we are able to drop

the shrubs off for you to plant on your own.

b. If you do not like the tree, you can choose to have no tree.

3. How soon can I walk on my driveway after it has been poured? You can typically walk on your driveway after 48 hours and it is safe to drive on after 28 days.

4. Can I put a deck or patio in my backyard prior to landscaping? The As Constructed Grade Certificate requires we meet the final grading prior to city acceptance. Making any changes to the yard that affects the elevations of the grade results in a failed certificate. It is highly recommended that all additions separate of the landscaping contract are completed after our portion of the landscaping is done.

5. Who completes our landscaping? Our trade contractors complete our driveways, grading and loaming, and fencing. The final prepping and sodding is done by The Cedarglen Landscape Team. Our team includes a mixture of training and experience. We have four certified landscape technicians and a wealth of experience on this team, with some members participating since the program began in 2008.

Please post any questions below.

*The above is a guideline; please refer to your signed contract to verify any updates or changes to the landscaping process.