Cedarglen Homes Olympic Challenge
13 Mar 2014

Cedarglen Homes Olympic Challenge

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

Our Cedarglen Homes Winners!

Throughout the month of February the Olympics brought out everyone at Cedarglen Homes’ patriotic spirits. Our office was abuzz from the Men’s and Women’s nail biting hockey games, to watching the act of generosity that Canadian cross-country ski coach, Justin Wadsworth, displayed when rushing to the aid of a Russian skier. We all proudly watched as the Canadian athletes embodied exactly what the Olympics is all about!

With that in mind, we thought why not create our own Cedarglen Homes Olympic Challenge and keep that excitement going! An email was sent out inviting all employees to participate in the event and the “Cedarglen Homes Award of Excellence” trophy was ordered. The challenges were created to encourage a wide group of employees to participate by being both achievable but challenging at the same time. Here is a look at what they signed up for;

Olympic Challenge

Bronze (1 point)

Silver (2 points)

Gold (3 points)

Skipping (complete in 2 minutes)

100 Skips

50 Double-Unders or 200 Skips

100 Double-Unders or 300 Skips


1 Minute

2 Minutes

3 Minutes

Squats (complete in 2 minutes)




Last Friday, our Cedarglen Athletes met at the gym and names were drawn to create teams of three. With competitive spirits we started the challenge. First up...planks! Everyone had their eyes set on gold but a three minute plank is quite the challenge to hold. Under the watchful (and quick to correct your form) eye of our Gym Manager, Ian Holmes, almost all employees managed to hold the three minute plank! With teams shouting out words of encouragement whenever their teammate’s motivation started to fade, if music was playing it couldn’t be heard past the cheers. When the three minutes was up, we all fell to the floor relieved. The board was marked up with everyone’s scores and with sore abs we moved onto the squat challenge. With two minutes to complete 75 squats, I thought this would be the easiest challenge, but my sore legs over the next two days proved me wrong. Again, we looked to our team mates for encouragement as we tried to do 75 squats before the time was up. The scores were added to the board and we were now on the home stretch with just one exercise left!


The third challenge seemed to be the most dreaded. Skipping seemed easy as a kid but the years seemed to have made it harder. Everyone gave it 100% and finished the last challenge exhausted. While high-fiving our team mates for the job well done and looking forward to lunch (which was promised after the challenge) Ian Holmes decided that it still wasn’t enough. He announced a last challenge...push-ups for time. We all hit the floor and dug deep to do as many push-ups as we could in one minute. The numbers were then added up and the teams were ranked. With two teams tied for third place there was no choice but to introduce a tie breaker; complete as many burpies as you can in one minute. After the last two teams competed for third place, the top three teams took to the make-shift podium to bask in the ‘Cedarglen Homes Olympic’ win. This was then followed by the promised BBQ lunch!

Thank you to everyone who participated! For any employees looking for a rematch or to participate the next time around, we are already planning a summer challenge. Start training!

Enjoy your weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing