Cedarglen and Wellspring Calgary; Building Relationships
28 Aug 2013

Cedarglen and Wellspring Calgary; Building Relationships

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of the 2013, this year Cedarglen Homes is more committed than ever to building communities, not just with the homes we construct, but also through volunteering and community involvement.

One special relationship that has been building over the years is our relationship with Wellspring Calgary. Wellspring Calgary supports people diagnosed with cancer along with their family and friends throughout their journey. It’s with this support system that they can provide visitors with a healing environment.

This will be Cedarglen’s third year participating in Wellspring Calgary’s TriWELLathon, and once again we are the downward dog sponsor. No idea what a TriWELLathon is? You are not the only person! I was also a little puzzled at first but I think our previous blog explains it best. Think of a TriWELLathon as a triathlon in which you are competing in three or more activities; however, rather than leaving you sore and tired from biking or running, these activities will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. With activities such as yoga, tai chi and salsa (all for a good cause) I think that this sounds like an excellent way to spend your Sunday! If you need more convincing than just check out last year’s blog here to see what a great time we had.

We are also making this year’s TriWELLathon bigger and better than ever! Cedarglen Homes has challenged builders, developers and trades people throughout Calgary to form a team and participate in this cause. The Cedarglen team has more than doubled in size from 2012, with 25 participants signed up for this year’s event. With the added element of two separate teams in the Women versus Men challenge; we will be going head-to-head to raise money for Wellspring Calgary in hopes of doubling last year’s fundraising achievement. The fact that we get to have fun while doing it and compete with our fellow colleagues is all just a bonus!

If you want to find out how you can get involved with the TriWELLathon on September 22nd 2013 then visit Wellspring Calgary here. You can also expect to see a blog on the Women versus Men results after the event!

If you have any questions please comment below.

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