Behind the Scenes at Cedarglen Homes
15 Nov 2013

Behind the Scenes at Cedarglen Homes

By Amy Marchand, Design Consultant and Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

You may not get to see behind the scenes at Cedarglen Homes and what an amazing team we have that help make our homes so special! With that in mind, I thought that we could focus on the different departments that make up Cedarglen Homes. This week I sat down with one of the members of our Design Team, Amy Marchand, to find out more about the role of a Design Consultant, what goes into planning for a spec home and what are some of her favorite trends!

What is the role of a Design Consultant at Cedarglen Homes?

The role of a Cedarglen Design Consultant is to gain an understanding of the needs and wants of our homeowners. We take into account the mood they want to create in their new home and what kind of lifestyle they live all while staying within their budget. Using this information we guide them through the design process at our Cedarglen Homes Design Centre. We help them make all of their interior selections, ensure they coordinate together and achieve their needs and wants mentioned above. Cedarglen Homes also builds spec homes in our communities. As these homes don’t have homeowners yet it’s also our responsibility to make the interior selections for these homes.

I can imagine it would be difficult when making selections for a spec home since you don’t what type of homeowner you’re designing for. How do you plan out the interior selections without one specific homeowner in mind?

When we design a spec home the challenge is to make selections that are neutral enough to appeal to a wide variety of buyers while still achieving a customized look. Our goal is for the home to have character but at the same time not be too trendy as you risk deterring buyers. One way we achieve this is by selecting neutral colors and adding interest through shapes and textures. An easy place to do this is with a kitchen backsplash, countertops and flooring.

What is a top trend that you are seeing right now?

A current trend that has been around for a while now and is still going strong is painted cabinets. The dominant color being white or off white and then integrating a second color for a pop effect! This second color can be another neutral like a gray or taupe, but something I am starting to see more often is brighter and/or boulder painted cabinets.

Grey Kitchen

Green Kitchen

When making selections for a new home you’re working with a blank canvas. What could you suggest to a homeowner that is looking to revamp their home but still keep their home cohesive?

  1. Add patterns to the textiles in your rooms. People seem to be afraid to go with bold patterns or to mix patterns but it is a great way to add visual interest to a room. Layering patterns with toss cushions, a decorative area rug or drapes is a great way to keep the bones of the house neutral and bring in color. It is also a fun way to change your look when the seasons change.

14Pattern Mix

2. Use different shapes and patterns of tile.

Ensuite Fish ScaleEnsuite Classic

3. Add pops of color where you would least expect it.

Yellow DoorRed Door

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of the role our Design Consultants and at the same time gives you some creative ideas for your home!

Enjoy your weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing