Auburn Bay
28 Jan 2016

Auburn Bay

By Edwin Krollup

One’s home isn’t just the clad walls and shingled roof representing the vessel of memories. No, beyond your home is the outward expression of the community in which you live, where you temper such bonds with your neighbors that they are no longer strangers but friends. Your memories exceed the home you’ve built and become a shared experience, and Auburn Bay is a testament to the communal strengths of recreation and residence. With its thematic brand—an empty Adirondack basking in the sun, prompting the subliminal urge for a patron to take up its cause—one gets the feeling the mood in Auburn Bay is one of relaxation, a means to escape the gridiron impulse of Calgary’s dynamic urban core. And what better way to withdraw from the proverbial rat race than surrendering to a weekend at the lake?

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Auburn Bay boasts a 43-acre lake, rimmed at its southern flank by a sandy beach, its curvilinear coastline broken only by fingerling docks floating atop the current, and its grassy knoll dotted by tennis courts. Auburn House acts the community gateway, a terminal between suburbia and seasonal bliss. The 13,390 square foot lodge features a grand hall and a gymnasium, and its services are available for rental to make your experiences intimate and special, be they as simple as a birthday party or as demanding and life-altering as a wedding. Auburn House, in its representation as the heart of the community, is the baseline of interconnectivity in Auburn Bay, a reason to gather with friends and family to enjoy swimming and boating in the summer, or leisurely skating on fresh paths and playing pick-up hockey games with familiar faces in the winter. When one considers how the heart of a community should function, one need only look as far as Auburn House and the Auburn Bay Residents Association, who often facilitate fun events like the Movie in the Park or the festive Halloween Haunted House; the intention is always to fulfill the promise inherent to one’s community: becoming a family.

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Auburn Bay is devoted to ensuring there exists a contrast between home and nature, with over 141 acres of developed parkland fleeced with walking/biking lanes, greenspaces, playgrounds, and an innovative off-the-leash dog park where our four-legged neighbors express their own freedom while you enjoy panoramic views of Calgary’s skyline, though nestled away from its usual hustle and bustle. Auburn Bay looks at community living in a city and sets the expectation that weekends should be about filling the Adirondack and leaving the car in the garage.

For more information on how you can own a single family home in Auburn Bay, visit our showhomes at 292 Auburn Shores Way SE.

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