A word from our President
21 Mar 2013

A word from our President

Howard Tse, President of Cedarglen Homes

Well Done, Charron!

Well, the dust has finally begun to settle. After a couple of weeks of tension between our industry’s leading association, CHBA-Calgary Region and the Mayor’s office, it looks like we are on the road to mending our relationship. From the time the first comments were made, it comes down to one thing, dealing with the facts. We are ecstatic to be back at the table after unceremoniously removed as volunteers on all city committees.

I wanted to take this opportunity to commend our association president, Charron Ungar for his poise in the face of unprecedented reactions from the Mayor’s office. He handled the situation with dignity. As partners in the future development of the City of Calgary, we both need to be present at the table.

Despite all the rhetoric that has taken place, there are definitely a few positives to be taken away from this experience. First, it brings heightened awareness to the public that there are two sides to every story. Second, this highlights the importance of the work that the CHBA-Calgary Region performs to ensure housing choices for Calgarians in the future. Finally, we have opened lines of communication with the Mayor’s office.

Thank you,

Howard Tse