A time for family...
23 Dec 2011

A time for family...

Wal-Mart is open 24-hours a day, halls are decked and everywhere I seem to go, and Mariah Carey can be heard belting her holiday best. Yes... the holidays are officially here! As much as I like to complain about how schmaltzy the entire season is, I secretly enjoy it. Christmas is a season of hope joy and love... and it's also a season of honesty, readers. I most enjoy practising the last one.

When I think of Christmas, I think of awkward family gatherings. And as awkward as some of my own family gatherings are, nothing makes me feel better than being able to laugh at the tragic holiday photographic memories of others. That's why I love websites like awkwardfamilyphotos.com, because I'm able to look at my extended family and feel absolutely normal. I've taken the liberty of posting some of the best holiday photos from the site, so that when you're sitting at Christmas dinner listening to stories that don't interest you in the least, you can be thankful that this isn't you.




Can you see your family in any of these photos? Or maybe you have an even better awkward Christmas family photo? Send in your pictures and keep the festive laughs coming!